Sonic State Music Tech News: virtual-synths

Free Vintage Analog Drums Module

SUB uses synthesis to recreate classic drum sounds and adds a sub-frequency oscillator

Spitfire Audio Releases Symphonic Organ

Cathedral-sized organ library offers blockbuster film score sonics

Generate Riffs In Kontakt Player

In Session Audio's Riff Generation: Outside In Edition uses instrument and synth samples

Soundiron's Hopkin Instrumentarium: Rattletines

Bespoke, hand-made tuned percussion instruments for Kontakt 6 Player

Voltage Modular Is One Year Old

Cherry Audio releases a free bundle of 22 modules in celebration

Chiptunes Synth

RetroByts revisits the NES video game console and the C64 8-bit computer

Granular Synth For Mac and Windows

Delta-V Audio's SpaceCraft migrates from iOS

Wusik ZR Wave Synth Launches

Single-cycle wave playback engine features 48 selectable waves

90's Digital Electric Pianos Revisited

Sampleson's Glassy uses spectral modelling for MKS-20 and DX7 sounds

IK Multimedia Ships MODO DRUM

Physical modelling drum virtual instrument is now available

Hybrid Synth For Windows

OSS Enterprise explores vector, additive, subtractive and wavetable synthesis

New Version Of iOS DX7 Emulation

AudioKit Pro releases FM Player 2 with a host of new features

Yamaha YM2612 FM Synth Emulated

Inphonik's RYM2612 revisits Sega Genesis/Megadrive 16-bit game console sounds

More Benard Modules For Voltage Modular

Mega Bundle Volume 2 adds 43 modules

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Meet The Makers Extra: Vlad Kreimer Of Soma Laboratory

The philosophy of designing organismic instruments

5-MINUTES-WITH: OTO Machines Biscuit

Quirky 8-bit multi-FX - with 50% Off Plug-in version

Sonic LAB: Waves Abbey Road Studio 3

Mix in the room on your headphones


Meet The Makers Extra: Axel Hartmann

Design philosophy and history

TC Electronic Launch New Finalizer App

Desktop mastering app combines multiband compression, limiter and EQ algorithms

Deckard's Voice Pre-Orders Open

Eurorack module is base on the Deckard's Dream interpretation of the CS-80

Dexed for iOS Updates - Adds 640,000 Patches

Pretty much every FM patch ever made?

Touch-Controlled Eurorack Distortion Unit

The 100 Grit is inspired by the output section of a vintage synthesizer

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