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Podcast: Sonic TALK 616 - Promotional Pillow

With Gaz, Chicky and Robbie Bronnimann

Podcast: Sonic TALK 604 - NAMMNESIA

Post NAMM brain dump

Podcast: Sonic TALK 569 - Flavours Of Noise

Mark Hollis, Soma Labs Ether, MIDIWrist and Jexus

Podcast: Sonic TALK 568 - Shimmer Connoisseur

Valhalla Delay, Resynator, wedges and IEM

Podcast: Sonic TALK 567 - Whats Coming In 2019?

Analysis, machine learning, DSP speakers, VR, T2

NAMM 2019: Hit 5.5 Million Users

Meet, collaborate and create

Podcast: Sonic TALK 565 Pre-NAMM Preamble

Korg, Yamaha and Dubreq

A Revolution In Online Music Making?

Amped Studio 2.0 online DAW makes the claim

Podcast: Sonic TALK 553 - One, 2, MKIII

Web Audio, The Glide, Moog One, Novation SL MKIII

Spotify Trialing Direct Independent Uploads

Soundcloud, here they come

Podcast: Sonic TALK 542 - Does Velocity Work In Space?

DrumBrute Impact, 808 trainers, Faderport, Kraftwerk space jam

Podcast: Sonic TALK 539 - Frankensteining

VCVRack Filters, new MIDI controllers, NI TRK01

Podcast: Sonic TALK 533 - Fashionable Ukuleles

Moog Grandmother, CTRL-X, Node, Loopop

Podcast: Sonic TALK 532 - Superbooth

Behringer, Spectrasonics, Dreadbox, Synthstrom and IK

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Sonic LAB - MFB Synth Pro - 8 Voice Desktop Poly

With multitimbral capabilities

Sonic LAB: Elektron Model Cycles

6 track FM Groovebox

Podcast: Sonic TALK 628 - Wait - Latency Where?

MPC Beats, MIDI Timing, Nord Modular, Tiny Techno System

Sonic LAB: Dreadbox Typhon Review

Desktop analog with Sinevibes FX


Modular Synthesis On The Moon

Modular synthesis school's new book is a modular guide for Eurorack beginners

Sonic LAB - MFB Synth Pro - 8 Voice Desktop Poly

With multitimbral capabilities

Sound Magic Introduces Cadenza Strings

Full string section powered by the latest Neo Orchestra Hybrid Modelling Engine

Erica Synths DIY Kits Go Open Source

Discontinued legacy DIY eurorack projects are now available

Steinberg's State-of-the-Art Spectral Editing

SpectraLayers 7 adds automatic processes through new Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Generate Ambient Pads From Vocal Samples

Bela D Media releases Paravox X - Ambient Vocal Design

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Sonic LAB: Erica Synths Zen Delay 

Performance delay/filter with Ninja Tune

Sonic LAB: Soma Pulsar-23 Drum Machine 

Another warped instrument from Vlad

Sonic LAB: Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer 

The new flagship mono from Dave and the team