Sonic State Music Tech News: hardware

Audio-Technica Drum And Vocal Mic Bundles

Cost-effective packages aim to take the guesswork out of mic buying

Presonus Ships New Pro Recording Interface

Quantum 4848 24-bit, 192 kHz Thunderbolt Interface is now available

MeeBlip Releases cubit MIDI Splitter

Share one MIDI OUT with multiple pieces of gear

audiowerkstatt din-restarter v2

New version of the tool that stops and starts DIN-Sync devices in perfect synchronisation

Kenton Announces PRO SOLO Mk3

Single-channel MIDI-to-CV convertor gets an update

PreSonus Releases ATOM Pad Controller

USB controller with 16 pads is now available

Dedicated Ableton Looper Foot Controller

State Of The Loop Kickstarts

The Ultimate VST-Synthesizer MIDI Controller?

Rava Yamana is a USB MIDI controller specifically made to control analog-style VST Synths

Waves Introduces SoundGrid Server One-C

DSP unit relieves your computer from plug-in processing

A-T Headphones Get Bluetooth Capability

Audio-Technica introduces ATH-M50xBT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Elysia Announces Limited-Edition xpressor

500 series compressor gets that metallic meteorite look

Mackie Releases Wireless Mixers

DL16S and DL32S are now available, as is Master Fader 5.0

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The ultimate modular for rhythm based music?

Sonic Live@dBS Music - Live Performances

Gaz Williams, Chris Calcutt, Liam O'Mullane and Battery Operated Orchestra

Sonic LAB: UAD Century Tube Channel Strip

Vintage sounds and vibes- Unison enabled

Sonic LAB Preview: Modal Craft Synth 2

Wavetable Synthesizer gets a makeover

Sonic LAB: Roland AX Edge Keytar Review

Strap it on and get busy


Beta Test A Spring Reverb Plug-In

u-he makes Twangström available

Need A Break? Play Games In Your DAW...

Klevgrand releases free retro games in AU/VST formats

Kickstart Needed For RAVEN Synth

100% analog, semi-modular synth voice is looking for funding

Podcast: Sonic TALK 560 - Flow Motion, Strike and Synth Watch

Waves FM Synth, Alesis pads, VCV VST Host

Podcast: Sonic TALK 561 - Rotate Your Whale In 3D

NDLR, Peak firmware, Kelvgrand, Polyphonic Whale

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