Sonic State Music Tech News: hardware

Austrian Audio Microphones Ship

OC18 and OC818 large diaphragm condenser microphones are handmade in Vienna

New Avid Audio Control Surfaces

S1 and S4 are designed to provide compact and affordable solutions for smaller studios

IK Multimedia Ships New Nearfield Monitors

iLoud MTM compact reference monitors are now available

New AKG Professional Studio Headphones

AKG's K361 and K371 feature a compact, foldable design

BOSS Introduces RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station

Song-based looper and smart rhythm machine

ADAM Audio Ships T10S Active Subwoofer

10-inch unit is now available worldwide

Modular Friendly Sampler/Delay

Bleep Labs introduces the Delaydelus2

Boost The Performance Of Small Monitors

IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK mini is a versatile and cost-effective isolation tool

Electro-Harmonic Introduces Tri Parallel Mixer

Three separate FX loops in one box for effects creation and sound layering

PreSonus Ships Latest Studio Monitors

Eris XT features an elliptical waveguide design for a wider sweet spot

Focusrite Revamps Scarlett Range

3rd Generation of the USB interface launches

Interface Outboard Gear With Eurorack Synths

INTRFX facilitates effects processing between eurorack, guitar pedals and electronic instruments

Numark Releases Scratch Two-Channel Mixer

Aims to redefine what you can do with an affordable 2-channel scratch mixer

BOSS Introduces 200 Series Effect Pedals

Said to deliver premium sound and features in space-saving designs

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TC Electronic Launch New Finalizer App

Desktop mastering app combines multiband compression, limiter and EQ algorithms

Deckard's Voice Pre-Orders Open

Eurorack module is base on the Deckard's Dream interpretation of the CS-80

Dexed for iOS Updates - Adds 640,000 Patches

Pretty much every FM patch ever made?

Touch-Controlled Eurorack Distortion Unit

The 100 Grit is inspired by the output section of a vintage synthesizer

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Meet The Makers Extra: Vlad Kreimer Of Soma Laboratory 

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