Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

A Collection Of Studio Reverb IRs

Overloud releases Studio Sessions II REmatrix library

Degrader - A Resampler And Bitcrusher

Klevgränd's latest plug-in is a Lo-Fi effect or distortion unit for Mac, PC and iOS

Mimik - A Variable Pitch & Time Repeater

Plug-in records your incoming audio to a short buffer that you can tweak, bend and stutter

New Amp Sim Inspired By Marshall

Kuassa's Amplifikation Caliburn aims to replicate JTM45, JCM800 and JCM900 sounds

VCL-25 - 1950's Compression Revisited

Fuse Audio Labs new plug-in is a recreation of a 1950s broadcasting leveler

GotoEQ Does Low-End And High-End Tricks

Klevgrand's new program equalizer for VST/AU/AAX/iPad has dynamic EQ bands

Virtual Tape Echo For iOS

Numerical Audio's RE-1 delivers a wide range of tape-based effects including looping

Sound Radix Introduces Auto-Align Post

New plug-in for audio post-production gets location mics in phase

Couture – Transient Shaper And Saturator

Level-independent dynamics plug-in with swift visualization and six types of saturation

Colour Copy - A Bucket-Brigade Delay Emulation

Designed to capture the essence of the entire range of classic bucket brigade delays

DEAL: AudioThing Space Strip - Save 84% At $9.00

Contour, Vibe, Slapback, Ambience Ensemble + Stereo

UA Releases New Century Tube Channel Strip

Mic Pre, EQ And Dynamics Powered Plug-In For UA Interfaces And UAD-2 Hardware

Plug-In Offers Parallel Compression With A Twist

Denise New York Compressor fine tunes the RMS for more punch

Harrison's Original MPC Digital EQ Recreated

Harrison Consoles announce AVA LegacyQ Equalizer plug-in

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Blue Or Orange? Limited edition

Novation Release New Synth Video

Oscillator Culture - features a few familiar faces

Yamaha Launches MODX Series Synths

High-end MONTAGE technology in an affordable, compact, mobile design

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MKIII

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