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Atlas - A New Way To Find Sounds And Make Beats

Plug-In locates all of the drum samples on your computer and turns them into a visual map

OTO Biscuit 8-bit Effects In Software

Softube Launches plug-in version of the lo-fi hardware unit

Softube Launches Weiss Compressor/Limiter

Another tool for your mastering box

Older Novas And Supernovas Get Editor

Mystery Islands Novation SNX AU/VST Librarian Editor is for first generation synths

Softube Releases Another Console Emulation

American Class A is based on the greatest classics of American mixing console hardware

MIDIBot Probability Engine For Rhythm and Melody

Affordable MIDI plug-in for AU/VST

DAW LP - Vinyl Player Simulation

Klevgränd's new plug-in recreates the sound of scratches, dusty needles and more

INTENSITY - A New Kind Of Audio Processor

Zynaptiq's latest is built on techniques typically found in facial recognition algorithms

Free Plug-Ins With Sinevibes Bundle

Sinevibes offers two free plug-ins with every Creative Collection purchase

1960's Vintage Compressor Emulated

The VCL-373 recreation an early 60s broadcasting compressor used in mastering studios

NI Releases Crush Pack Distortion Plug-Ins

Set of three covers bit-crushing, ring mod, amplitude modulation, frequency shifting and more

Sonic LAB: iZotope VocalSynth2 Demo

New Vocal Synthesizer with new features

Sample Slicer Incorporating A Step Sequencer

HY-Plugins releases HY-Slicer for Mac and Windows

Multitrack Event Generators For Ableton Live

K-Devices Releases AutoTrig Beatmaker Challenger and TATAT (Unstable) Streams Generator

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Presentation: Roland System 500 New Analogue Modules

510, 505, 555 and 532 available soon

Sonic LAB: Samsung CJ 89 - 49 Inch Curved Monitor With USB-C

State of the art for super-wide workflow enhancement

Whats The Top Five Plug-in Synths?

Its Friday! Tim Cant gives us his


MIDI Capability Inquiry Specification

MIDI Manufacturers Association releases MIDI-CI Specification

Mutable Instruments Clouds For Softube Modular

Texturizing module divides incoming signals into audio droplets to be manipulated

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Sonic LAB: iZotope VocalSynth2 Demo 

New Vocal Synthesizer with new features

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