Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

Couture – Transient Shaper And Saturator

Level-independent dynamics plug-in with swift visualization and six types of saturation

Colour Copy - A Bucket-Brigade Delay Emulation

Designed to capture the essence of the entire range of classic bucket brigade delays

DEAL: AudioThing Space Strip - Save 84% At $9.00

Contour, Vibe, Slapback, Ambience Ensemble + Stereo

UA Releases New Century Tube Channel Strip

Mic Pre, EQ And Dynamics Powered Plug-In For UA Interfaces And UAD-2 Hardware

Plug-In Offers Parallel Compression With A Twist

Denise New York Compressor fine tunes the RMS for more punch

Harrison's Original MPC Digital EQ Recreated

Harrison Consoles announce AVA LegacyQ Equalizer plug-in

Thump For Your 808

New multi effects plug-in is designed to add character to 808s and bass

Corrode Your Sound

Corrosion plug-in is designed to add grit and distortion in a nasty way

faTimeAlign Sorts Out Time / Phase Alignment

Plug-In is designed to work with any kind of multi microphone source material

Slate Digital Recreates Vintage American EQ

FG-A is a track sweetener

Try Out An Analog Mastering System Emulation

Public Beta announced for Brainworx bx_masterdesk Analog Mastering Desk

Plug-In Aims To Transforms Your Monitoring

Perspective offers the sound of studio monitors, car stereos and consumer electronics

Real-Time Audio Analysis Suite For macOS

Aurchitect Audio Software releases Aura

Multi-FX Plug-In For Power And Punch

Puncher combines a Transient Shaper, Multiband Compressor and Parallel Compressor

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 544 - Chiptunes Explain It Please

Ribn iOS controller, talking organ, Apple stop affiliate scheme

Sonic LAB Preview: Prophet X - Questions?

A quick look before we start

Presentation: Softube Console 1 Mix Controller

With American Class A Channel


New Aphex Twin Track + Video T69 Collapse

Watch out though it failed the epilepsy inducing test

Arturia Announces DrumBrute Impact

All-new compact and affordable analogue drum machine

Spitfire Audio Releases Another Free Instrument

LABS Amplified Cello Quartet features celli through amps and effects pedals

Help Apogee Protest Trump's Tariffs

Tax on electronic components from China will ultimately result in price increases for us all

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Presentation: Softube Console 1 Mix Controller 

With American Class A Channel