Sonic State Music Tech News: plug-ins

Bent-Wave FM Synthesis For Korgs

Sinevibes releases new oscillator plug-in for prologue and minilogue xd synths

Middle And Side Tool For Mac And Windows

MS EQ COMP encodes standard stereo to MS and adds EQ and compression

First VST/AU/AAX Plug-ins For K-Devices

WOV amplitude modulator and TTAP delay are available for pre-order

Reason Drum Kits Are Back

Propellerhead's new Rack Extension instrument simulates a drum recording session

Overloud Releases TH-U Guitar Amp Sim

TH3 evolves and adds 15 new amps and much more

MDoubleTracker Expands Your Stereo

Plug-in is designed to make guitars, vocals and other materials huge and wide

DMGAudio Releases Multiplicity Mastering Tool

Multiband compression, expansion, gating, dynamic EQ and more

Free Four-Band Compressor

IK Multimedia offers T-RackS Quad Compressor to newsletter subscribers

MAAT Releases Reference Equalizer Plug-In

thEQorange linear phase EQ offers equalization and correction of digital audio

RTW Updates Plug-in Suites

New licensing structure, enhanced Pro Tools and OS support and dedicated stereo versions

Softube Updates Valley People Dyna-mite

Expands into Dyna-mite Slam and Dyna-mite Gate

ToneSpot Bass Pro Sorts Out Your Bass Sound

Audified's plug-in for Mac and Windows is designed for bass guitar processing

NAMM 2019: Apogee Expands FX Rack With Pulteq EQ

New Pultec MEQ-5 Plugin creates the Pultec Series Bundle with EQP-1A

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Meet The Makers - iZotope CEO Mark Ethier

From crappy recordings to AI and Machine Learning

Sonic LAB: Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Wireless 16 track synthesizer and sequencer


Meet The Makers - iZotope CEO Mark Ethier

From crappy recordings to AI and Machine Learning

NAMM 2019: Sonicstate Awards

And the winners are...

GuDa Audio Releases SynthR

Flexible synthesizer for Mac and Windows

Ableton Update Live to 10.1 - VST3 Support

New devices, user wavetables, automation and more

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