Sonic LAB: Live Mega Synthesis Groove Box Review

US Sega sound for now      07/03/24

Sonicware Liven Mega Synthesis is inspired by and emulates the classic sound of the Sega Mega Drive from gaming's yesteryear.

Many people will have a fondness for the crunchy PCM , FM and reduced bandwidth of those cartridge games. Liven have been n a roll with their specialized groovboxes and this one takse that sound world and fully inhabits it.

With input from legendary game soundtrack composer Yuzo Koshiro, the Renowned Composer known for the "Ys", "The Streets of Rage" and "Etrian Odyssey", who has Contributed Sound Banks and Patterns.

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Who better to look at this than Paulee Bow, who's deep into retro digital synthesis?

Thanks to  @Kim_Justice  for the game footage

The Mega Synthesis is battery powered or PSU,has 320 FM game sounds, sorted into 20 categories, and 64 diverse drum kits for the PCM track.

  • - 128 patterns - Up to 128 steps per pattern
  • - Step length can be set from 1/1 to 1/32
  • - Real-time recording

Sound Engines:
4-operator & 8-algorithm FM sound module with precise sound editing in Edit Mode
Including extra features like fine-tuning operator ratios, which was impossible at the time.

8-bit PCM sound part of YM2612
Recreate the sound of PCM playback controlled by the Z80 microprocessor used at the time.
Sampling capabilities (8-bit - 12kHz: upto 8 secounds / 24kHz: 4 seconds / 48kHz: 2 seconds, 96 stored samples)

PSG (Programmable Sound Generator) sound module
Synthesize basic waveforms and white noise to recreate iconic retro-game-sounds.

Available for pre-order in batches priced at $329




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