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How To Get From Demo To Master

Waves announces a free mixing and production course with GRAMMY-winning Dave Darlington

All You Need To Know About The MixBus

Samplecraze releases MixBus Strategies - The Definitive Guide For Producers ebook

SoundGym's New EQ Ear Training Game

EQ Knight is designed to train and polish your EQ skills

The Music Business Advice Book

Bobby Owsinski's latest features words of wisdom from 130 music pros

Educational Videos On Modular Synthesis

Patchení s Nikol YouTube series returns with some VCA tutorials

Piano Learning App For All Platforms

flowkey is now available as a web app and for iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and smartphones

Jamsy iPhone App Makes Music Creation Easy

Free app's Guided Workflow helps you learn your way around a piano keyboard and jam


Nine part series reveals the creative and technical approach of a range of DJs

Nord Speedy Tutorial Series Concludes

52 videos, one a week for the last year, can now all be seen together online

New Version Of Ableton Live Guide

Ableton Live 10 Power! The Comprehensive Guide is published on March 15th

See What's Cooking In The Note Kitchen

New resource lets you easily find chords and scales on the keyboard

Mylar Melodies Talks Modular And More

Midierror Podcast also covers Aphex Twin and how to protect your hearing

ROLI Launches StartMakingIt Initiative

The object is to inspire, entertain and support aspiring music creators to do more in 2018

Never Get Stuck Again

New eBook offers a complete guide to turning a musical idea into a finished track

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Sonic LAB: Arturia Keylab MKII MIDI Controller

DAW/CV Gate and Analog Lab too

Nektar Panorama T4 Preview - Questions?

We take a look at the features, more to come

Moog One - First Official Video Released - Hear It

Slightly arty, with a good soundtrack


Behringer: Significant Price Drops - Its Official

Up to 40% less across all brands

Nektar Panorama T4 Preview - Questions?

We take a look at the features, more to come

Would You Use AI To Create Melodies?

Amadeus Code is an AI-powered songwriting assistant app

Moog One Updated

Synth gets new v1.0.1 firmware with stability improvements, bug fixes and more

Free Convolution Reverb

MeldaProduction releases MConvolutionEZ for Mac and Windows

Podcast: Sonic TALK 554 - Mainstream Hurdy Gurdy

Pipes sampler, Mini MPK Play, Koma Strom,

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Nektar Panorama T4 Preview - Questions? 

We take a look at the features, more to come

Sonic LAB: Hexinverter Mutant Brain MIDI To CV, Gate and Trigger 

Highly configurable Eurorack module

Presentation: Softube Console 1 Mix Controller 

With American Class A Channel

Sonic Lab: Omnisphere 2.5 Hardware Synth Profiles 

We hook up a bunch of synths - now where's my cape?