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Want To Compose A Horror Theme?

Soundiron shows you how...

Electronic Drums For Live Performances

Video series tells you all you need to know about using Ableton Live with electronic drums

How To Blend Orchestral Music With Metal

Soundiron demonstrates the techniques in a new video

Dave Rossum To Speak At AES New York 2019

Electronic Instrument Design and Applications Track offers exclusive industry insights

More Alan Parsons Master Classes

Producer follows up sold out inaugural master classes at ParSonics with new sessions

Sound Design From The Sofa Full Series

Krotos Audio posts full 4-part tutorial video series showcasing their Sound Design Bundle 2

Become A Bass Detective

SoundGym's new ear training game designed to help you to shape your low-end

Learn To Use Any Synthesizer

Slate Digital's Ultimate Guide to Synthesizers masterclass has 42 lessons

YOUR MIX SUCKS (Waves Edition)

Waves releases their own version of Marc Mozart's complete mix methodology book

Learn Composing For Video Games

Soundiron posts 3 In The Studio videos featuring composer Inon Zur

How To Build Your Own Eurorack Case

LeoMakes shows you the DIY route in his latest video

Using Moogs With Ableton's CV Tools

Moog posts 5 new tutorial videos focusing on Ableton's New CV Tools for Live

Free Masterclass With KORG Prologue

Anyone in the UK buying a prologue during July and August gets to go to Synth School

Making Techno Using Artificial Intelligence

Video demonstrates how you can incorporate AI into your music production workflow

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Friday Fun: Modular Synth Jam - Nifty Case Bundle

Doepfer A-111-5 and Clouds of course!


Stylophone Gen R-8 Released

Biggest and most powerful Stylophone instrument yet is now available

Alesis Micron & Akai Miniak Editors

Two almost identical synths are now supported in Patch Base

The Thinnest Analog Synthesizer Ever

Kickstarter campaign is in progress for the Superlative SB01

More Videos

Meet The Makers Extra: Axel Hartmann 

Design philosophy and history

Studio Tour: Ham Plaza's Synth Collection 

Some lovely stuff here

New Modal Wavetable Polysynth - ARGON8 

Sub $1000 coming before Christmas

Sonic LAB: Softube Monoment Bass Synth Plug-in 

Designed for the lower end