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Chris Huggett - Influential Synth Designer Has Died

RIP British pioneer of affordable synths

Wide Blue Sound Introduces Elysium Synth

Two-layer synth aims to raise the bar for musical movement

Cardboard Expression Pedal And Footswitch

MIDI controllers work in conjunction with your iPhone

2 New Metabolic Devices Eurorack Modules

Moonwalker and Papomi are now available

Circuit Bent Digital Audio Buffer Module

Qu-Bit Data Bender provides the sounds of skipping CDs, software bugs and more

Hybrid Polyphonic Supersynth On Kickstarter

Töörö is a 6-voice 4-part synth with 12bit oscillators, analog filters and digital multi-fx

Spitfire Audio Partners With Abbey Road Studios

Showcasing film scoring sound of Studio One on a namesake library

Win A Session At London's Metropolis Studios

Harman launches the Hit the Studio Golden Ticket promotion

Three New Ritual Electronics Eurorack Modules

Pointeuse, Flexibilité and Guillotine

Steinberg Updates VST Connect Pro

Remote recording solution now includes video streaming functionality

Another Virtual Moogseum Tour

Bob Moog Foundation announces tour focusing on the early Big Briar years

The Evil Genius Of Creative FX

UJAM's Finisher FLUXX is designed to bring dead sounds back to life

New Moog Limited Edition Theremin

Claravox Centennial is designed in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the theremin

Output Secure $45 Mill Investment

A good sign for the creative industry

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Sonic LAB: PolyBrute Full Review

6 voice analogue brute

Sonic LAB: Luna - The DAW Thats Not A DAW

Universal Audio's Apollo linked recording system


Wavetable Synthesizer For Kontakt

Rigid Audio's ANGUS features 2 x 128 wavetables split into two oscillators

Teenage Engineering's New Magic Radio

OB–4 portable hifi stereo memorises everything you play on an endless looping tape

New Framework For Building DIY Synthesizers

Syntaxis micromodular uses ready-made subcircuits

Interview: Rachel Claudio - Creativity, Criticism and Keeping It Together

We catchup with the singer songwriter and performer

iZotope Introduces New Intelligent Reverb

Neoverb combines Exponential Audio technology with an AI-powered workflow

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