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New Synth For Your iPad

4Waves Synth AUv3 is designed to be an easy to use synthesizer with a powerful sound

Does Your Track Schlap?

Caelum Audio releases a colourful and aggressive sounding program-dependent compressor

Steinberg Announces Cubasis 3.2

Mobile DAW update includes purchasable Waves plug-ins and more

IK Multimedia Releases MixBox CS

Virtual channel strip plug-in for iPad with 70 effects

Remixlive Updated

Remixlive 6 mobile music creation app adds new Song mode and live keyboard

Creative Looping On iPhone Or iPad

Gauss Field Looper iOS app brings old school tape-looping to mobile devices

Monophonic Bass Synthesizer For iOS

Numerical releases Agonizer, designed in collaboration with haQ attaQ

Sugar Bytes Releases DrumComputer For iPad

Synthetic beats on the go

House MARK I Piano iOS Samples Classic Rhodes 88

AudioKIT Pro open source, with proceeds to charity

Cardboard Expression Pedal And Footswitch

MIDI controllers work in conjunction with your iPhone

Sonic Texture Generator For iPhone and iPad

Velvet Machine AUv3 plug-in can stretch and blur sounds and more

AUv3 MIDI Chord Sequencer

ChordBud 2 is designed to create unique chord progressions very quickly

Grand Piano For Your iPad And iPhone

Grand Piano AUv3 can be used standalone or in a DAW

The Next Generation Of Additive Synthesis?

VirSyn Releases AddStation for iPad/iPhone

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Sequential Prophet Synths Without Keys

Sequential introduces desktop versions of the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Rev 4 synths

Roland Introduces VERSELAB MV-1 Song Production Studio

All-in-one composition tool with vocal recording, sequencing and ZEN-Core sounds

Roland Refreshes Portable Piano Series

FP-X series features three new models

A Moog For Your Mac

Moog's Model 15 Modular Synthesizer App is now available for macOS Big Sur

IK's New UNO Synth Pro Leaked

Bigger, 3 oscillator with dual filters and paraphony

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