Sonic State Music Tech News: iphone

Pure Synth Platinum On Your iPad

Pure Synth Platinum 2 synth/rompler is ported over to iOS

Stereo Filter For iOS

Numerical Audio's SF-1 is built around two multimode filters and various means of modulation

8-Track Midi Drum Sequencer For iOS

Numerical Audio releases Octachron

StepBud - A MIDI Sequencer App For iOS

AUv3 plug-in offers unlimited steps

Shimmer Effect For iOS

Stellr is a pitch-shifter/delay/reverb sound processor designed for ethereal ambience

TG77 And SY77 Editor/Librarian

Patch Base iPad app now supports these Yamaha FM synths

Synclavier KNOB For iOS Synclaviers

Synclavier Digital re-engineers original knob from Synclavier II as a USB device

BASSalicious 2 For The iPad

Gospel Musicians ports their desktop app to iOS

Sonic Lab: Tim Exile's Endlesss First Look

Jam and loop collaboration app

Cality - Creative Midi Processor For iOS

AUv3 plug-in promises everything from subtle rhythmic enhancement to controlled chaos

Beat Sculpting For iPad

Accusonus Beatformer iOS app is an all-in-one beat sculpting application

Phase Distortion Synth for iPad

NPD features 3 oscillators with shape and harmonic controls

A Synclavier For IPad And iPhone

Synclavier Digital announces availability of Synclavier Go! and Synclavier Pocket!

Koala Sampler For iOS

A sampling workstation with no brake pedal

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K-Board Pro 4 - A Four-Octave MPE Controller

KMI's latest offers multiple dimensions of touch sensitivity in each key

EssenceFM - Modern High-End FM Synthesizer

Graphical approach to editing aims for simplicity without sacrificing power

NI's Biggest Ever Summer Of Sound Sale

50% off KOMPLETE 12 updates and upgrades, hardware/software bundle deals, and more

Uno Drum Machine Now Available

IK's ultra-portable, easily programmable, analog/PCM drum machine expands the UNO line

Logic Pro X Updated

Latest performance update takes full advantage of the power of the all-new Mac Pro

Kilohearts Releases Phase Plant Synth

Hybrid synth features snapin effects integration alongside synthesis and sampling

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