Sonic State Music Tech News: iphone

Cardboard Expression Pedal And Footswitch

MIDI controllers work in conjunction with your iPhone

Sonic Texture Generator For iPhone and iPad

Velvet Machine AUv3 plug-in can stretch and blur sounds and more

AUv3 MIDI Chord Sequencer

ChordBud 2 is designed to create unique chord progressions very quickly

Grand Piano For Your iPad And iPhone

Grand Piano AUv3 can be used standalone or in a DAW

The Next Generation Of Additive Synthesis?

VirSyn Releases AddStation for iPad/iPhone

AUv3 MIDI Arp App For iOS

ArpBud 2 lets you design your own unique arps with unlimited steps

Free Sampler/Sequencer For iOS

Hypertron offers features of well known samplers, sequencers and drum machines

K-Devices Releases TTAP For iOS

A double buffer delay with a set of creative features

Slicer/Sampler For iOS

Elliott Garage releases sEGments for iPhone and iPad

Caelum Audio Releases Tape Cassette 2

Emulation of the warmth, noise and character of old tape cassettes updated

Audiokit Pro Releases Fun Pitch Correction App

AudioTune is available for iPhone and iPad until July 31st

Free Limited Edition iOS Piano App

Audiokit Pro releases Retro Piano for iPhone and iPad

Guitar Amp Modelling For iOS

Overloud releases TH-U Mobile

Positive Grid Releases BIAS FX 2 Mobile

App transforms your iPhone into a full guitar amp & effects Rig

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6 voice analogue brute

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Universal Audio's Apollo linked recording system


Wavetable Synthesizer For Kontakt

Rigid Audio's ANGUS features 2 x 128 wavetables split into two oscillators

Teenage Engineering's New Magic Radio

OB–4 portable hifi stereo memorises everything you play on an endless looping tape

New Framework For Building DIY Synthesizers

Syntaxis micromodular uses ready-made subcircuits

Interview: Rachel Claudio - Creativity, Criticism and Keeping It Together

We catchup with the singer songwriter and performer

iZotope Introduces New Intelligent Reverb

Neoverb combines Exponential Audio technology with an AI-powered workflow

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