Sequencer & Synth For iOS

US MoMinstruments releases Elastic Melody      16/11/23

MoMinstruments describes Elastic Melody as a standalone iOS application and AUv3 plugin with 3 channels of synthetic sounds, an analog style step sequencer and 4 master effects. They say that almost all parameters can be automated and thus changed in an elastic way.

A spokesperson told us, "The focus of Elastic Melody is on a fast and intuitive creation of melodies with a basic analog sound. A big fan of Dave Smith's DSI Evolver sequencer and synthesizer, Elastic Melody is an attempt to create something similar. Seamlessly combining multiple sequencer tracks with an analog sounding engine, with the ability to add the elasticity of life to the machinery through automation. Elastic Melody comes with a bunch of presets from well-known sound designers of the iOS scene, like Sound of Izrael, Red Sky Lullaby, Jakob Haq and others."

Pricing and Availability:
$6.99 at the App Store.

More information:



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