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NAMM 2024: Shear Electronics Relic - Sounds Only

No Talking
NAMM 2024: Musonic Vanilla TVS 5U Synth - Sounds Only

No Talking
NAMM 2024: Korg MicroKorg 2 - Sounds Only

No Talking
NAMM 2024: Modal Carbon8 Sounds Only

No talking
NAMM 2024: Realitone - Sunset Choir

Natural choir sounds for Kontakt Player
NAMM 2024: Yamaha - Montage M - ANX Sounds Only

Let's check out one of the engines on the Montage M
NAMM 2024: Korg - KingKorg Neo - Sound only

It's time to sit down and listen to the King
NAMM 2024: Stylophone - CPM DS-2 - Sounds Only

Delightfully squelchy drone synth from Stylophone
NAMM 2024: Folktek - Resonant Garden

Beautiful electro-acoustic instrument for ambient strangeness
NAMM 2024: PSP Audioware - InfiniStrip - Updates

Venus Theory shows us new plugins from PSP
NAMM 2024: MIDI Manufacturers Association

Latest news on MIDI 2.0
NAMM 2024: Third Man Records - Triple Threat

Three effects in one bright yellow pedal
NAMM 2024: Poly Effects - Verbs - Convolution Reverb Pedal

Wanna play your guitar in a nuclear reactor hall? Well now you can.
NAMM 2024: SoundToys - Superplate

Smooth plate reverbs that can go to infinity
NAMM 2024: Dreadbox - Telepathy - Sounds Only

A complete synth in a small form factor that can be chained for poly sounds
NAMM 2024: McDSP - New Plugins And Updates

Including a spectral processor that operates over the entire audio spectrum
NAMM 2024: Eventide - Split EQ - Sheen Machine

Updated and new plugins from Eventide to Remove boom and add sheen to the mix
NAMM 2024: Zoom - Updated Multistomp Pedals

The multi FX pedals get a facelift and an upgrade
NAMM 2024: Intuitive Instruments - Exquis

Excuse me while i get expressive with this MPE controller
NAMM 2024: Nord - Nord Grand 2

The return of the Nord Grand, but now even grander
NAMM 2024: Groove Synthesis - 3rd Wave Desktop

A new desktop version plus the 1.7 OS update with MPE
NAMM 2024: MuSonics - Vanilla 5U Monster

A walnut cabinet full of vintage goodness
NAMM 2024: Zoom - H1 H4 H6 Essential

Zoom introduce 32 bit float recording that is impossible to clip
NAMM 2024: Baby Audio - Atoms Gets Physical

Brand new physical modelling synth
NAMM 2024: Cranborne Audio - Carnaby HE2

The multi-purpose harmonic EQ for under two grand
NAMM 2024: Red Panda - Radius

A very flexible ring modulation and frequency shifter pedal
NAMM 2024: Boss - 50th Birthday Products

Happy birthday to Boss
NAMM 2024: RODE - Mackie Acquisition

RODE and Mackie. Two companies are better than one.
NAMM 2024: Mackie - The New Gear

Tons of new stuff from Mackie
NAMM 2024: Musik Hack - Master Plan

Updates and new features for the mastering plugin
NAMM 2024: Morphor - Plectrum

BBD based Karplus-Strong unit with full CV control
NAMM 2024: Roswell - Micparts - Mini K47x - Mini K67x

Boutique microphones which come with a solder-your-own option
NAMM 2024: Austrian Audio - Composer

Hi-end headphones for audiophiles and mix engineers alike
NAMM 2024: JoeCo - Band-Mate

24 Channel playback device that can even control your lighting
NAMM 2024: Austrian Audio - Mic Creator

Cute little shock mounted mic with its own audio interface built in
NAMM 2024: Embodme - ERAE II

Super flexible and sensitive controller you can hit with sticks
NAMM 2024: FL Studio - Kepler

FL Studio's Juno plugin and super-accurate chorus
NAMM 2024: Bitwig GmbH - Bitwig Studio Updates

Bitwig gets a modular sound environment and new filters
NAMM 2024: Positive Grid - Spark Live

A powerful little amp that can become a PA
NAMM 2024: - Melbourne Instruments - Nina Updates

Nina gets updates, including scopes and visualizers
NAMM 2024: Entropy And Sons - Video Synth

A video synth that aims to outperform all the others
NAMM 2024: Black Panther System - Modular Keyboard Stands

Fully customisable stands for musicians and DJs
NAMM 2024: Modal - Carbon 8

Modal's new synth has twice the power of previous models
NAMM 2024: Korg - PS3300 With Sound

Ultra rare and ultra desirable poly synth from Korg
NAMM 2024: Yamaha - Seqtrak

A do anything, go anywhere music making machine
NAMM 2024: Gamechanger Audio - Mod Series Pedals

Innovative company Gamechanger unleash their guitar pedals
NAMM 2024: Sennheiser - Dear-Reality

Spatial control of 3D sound environments
NAMM 2024: Korg - Desktop Modules

OP6, Modwave and Wavestate in a smaller format
NAMM 2024: Korg - Microkorg 2

Microkorg gets a brand new synth engine
NAMM 2024: Eventide - Omnipressor

The classic unit re-issued for Eventide's birthday
NAMM 2024: NUGEN Audio - AB Assist 2

New utility tools from NUGEN
NAMM 2024: U-He - Zebralette 3 - Wow!

Super flexible synth from U-He and it's free
NAMM 2024: Yamaha - Montage M ESP Plug-in

Newly released plugin that runs alongside the Montage M hardware
NAMM 2024: PWM - Mantis

Beefy synth with Oscar filters and attitude
NAMM 2024: Modbap - Meridian

digital dual multimode stereo filter array
NAMM 2024: Yamaha - Seqtrak

A go anywhere - do anything music machine in black or orange
NAMM 2024: 4ms - Catalyst Sequencer + Controller

Two new phase-based sequencing modules from 4ms
NAMM 2024: Oeksound - Bloom

Real time adaptive EQ and tonal shaper
NAMM 2024: GPU Audio - Vienna Power House / Living Sky

Highly detailed reverb spaces with reduced CPU cost
NAMM 2024: Nektar - Panorama CS12

A dedicated channel strip and pluging controller for Logic Pro
NAMM 2024: Teenage Engineering - K.O. II - OB4

On the go sampling and a loud little speaker
NAMM 2024: Suzuki - Omnichord OM-108

The strum-able instrument returns with some new tricks
NAMM 2024: Stylophone - CPM-DS2 - Theremin

The classic company returns with evolving drones and outer space sounds
NAMM 2024: Artinoise - Re.Corder

Affordable wind controller with learning in mind
NAMM 2024: Sound-Machines - Arches - T Line Modules

New touchstrip modules and firmware from Italy

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