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Superbooth 2023: Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder

We know, but its worth another look
Superbooth 2023: SonicWare Texturlab Sounds Only

The new sample based machine
Superbooth 2023:Join the Vibrant Synth Community at GSD Live

Connecting Artists and Enthusiasts Online
Superbooth 2023: AE Modular Break The 100 Modules Barrier

Unique format is proving popular
Superbooth 2023: Show Walkabout With Matths

A tour of the floor and environs
Superbooth 2023: Tempera Granular Synth From The Vector Synth People

8 tracks or samples, 16 voices
Superbooth 2023:Vermona meloDICER Expander Module

CV control of every parameter
Superbooth 2023: Sucofunk Beatmaker Sketchbook

Open Source Groovebox
Superbooth 2023: Raw Yaw Media - Dizigo Digitial Oscillator

Taurus looper, Monolith reverb
Superbooth 2023: Korg Berlin's New Acoustic Synthesizer Concept

Tats and the team continue to innovate
Superbooth 2023: Electrofon Can CV Control Philips Hue Lights

Micro Light shows!
Superbooth 2023: Audeze MM 100 More Affordable Studio Quality Headphones

Planar magnetic drivers tuned for production
Superbooth 2023: Synth Studio Berlin - Rent Classic Synths By the Hour

Or longer.
Superbooth 2023: Ruper Neve Designs 500 Series and RNDi-8

Quality processing for your synths
Superbooth 2023: Robot Dog Music Solo Intelligent Ribbon Controller

And Improbable Sequencer modules
Superbooth 2023: Industrial Music Electronics - Stilson Hammer MK3 and More

Andre Jr, and Volkmire's Inferno
Superbooth 2023: Doefper Has New Modules For Polyphony

Portamento, Mixer and Phaser
Superbooth 2023: Animal Factory Asura Dual Osc Wavetable Synth

Plus a new range of pedals
Superbooth 2023: Weston Precision Audio H1 Analog Harmonizer

In a Eurorack module
Superbooth 2023: Venus Instruments - Veno Echo

Digital stereo delay
Superbooth 2023: Gamechanger Audio - New Plasma Voice

A new prototype Eurorack module
Superbooth 2023: Eowave - Tempete Magnetique Complex Filter

New Modules from Eowave
Superbooth 2023: - Ghost And Golden Master Pedals

The eurorack modules redesigned with guitarists in mind
Superbooth 2023: BeepBoop - Tape Rack

Musique concrete inspired customisable modular tape machine
Superbooth 2023: Superlative - Monolab 1210 - Space Bee

The super slim 101 inspired synth and a complete semi-modular synth
Superbooth 2023: Norand - Norand Mono MK 2

A little synth with an endless mod matrix is deeper than it looks
Superbooth 2023: Jomox - Mod FM - Moonwind MK II

A stereo filter with a sequencer and a 4 operator FM synth
Superbooth 2023: Elta Music - Solar 42

Microtonal polyphonic ambient machine
Superbooth 2023: DinSync - RE-101

An electronically exact replica of the Roland SH-101
Superbooth 2023: Rides In The Storm - SED CSM Synth Module

Fully discrete synth module designed by Uwe George
Superbooth 2023: Tubbutec - MC2oh2

The Roland MC202 upgrade is now available
Superbooth 2023: Joranalogue - Modular System

Joranalogue perfect the concept of truly patch programmable analogue synthesis
Superbooth 2023: German Audio Labs - U2379 Tube Distortion Amplifier

Is this the biggest distortion pedal ever?
Superbooth 2023: Waldorf - Quantum MK2

We get a demo of Waldorf's updated flagship
Superbooth 2023: Mystic Circuits - New Modules

Ely presents a couple of new modules including a video module
Superbooth 2023: Silhouette - Optical Soundtrack Synthesizer

The visual synth can turn pictures or video into sound and back again
Superbooth 2023: Instuo - Tagh - Aradh

Transistor ladder filter and clock management modules
Superbooth 2023: Theresyn - Theresyn - Les DiffYUseurs

The updated Theresyn is more beautiful and more flexible than ever
Superbooth 2023: Reliq - Hybrid Control Surface

Reliq reveal their first product, a new hybrid control surface
Superbooth 2023: Mad Sound Factory - Kommutator - Midiator - Clocker

Three new modules from new Armenian company
Superbooth 2023: Jolin Labs - New Modules

New mixing utilities for eurorack
Superbooth 2023: Decksaver - New Covers

Protection for your cherished kit
Superbooth 2023: Shakmat Modular - 4 New Modules

Clock O'Pawn MKII,Centaur's Gates, Battering Ram and Archer's Rig
Superbooth 2023: AtoVproject - cDVCA - Gaeto

Class D VCA module and clock divider
Superbooth 2023: Arturia - Microfreak Stellar - Firmware Update

New sample and granular functionality and a new space-inspired paint job
Superbooth 2023: Worng - Acronym Oscillator

Wavemorphing thru-zero oscillator
Superbooth 2023: Neuzeit - Warp

Wavetable and additive synth module
Superbooth 2023: Xaoc Devices - New Modules

5 new modules from Xaoc
Superbooth 2023: U-he - Zebra 3 Early Feature Look

The long awaited Zebra 3 gallops ever nearer
Superbooth 2023: SoundForce - Controller Integration With Arturia

The range of controllers now have close integration with the Arturia V collection
Superbooth 2023: SoundForce - Chorus 6

Juno chorus, but with a lot more control
Superbooth 2023: Bastl - BASIL

Modulatable stereo delay module
Superbooth 2023: Frap Tools - Cunsa

Quadruple analogue, pingable resonant multimode filter
Superbooth 2023: Clank - Chaos - Proteo

New modules from Italian company Clank
Superbooth 2023: Korg - Microkorg Crystal

Korg celebrate 20 years of their tiny synth
Superbooth 2023: Flame - Fire Drum Machine

Flexibly structured drum module
Superbooth 2023: Morphor - Ensemble

Module for chorus on steroids
Superbooth 2023: Knobula - Pianophonic

8 voice wavetable and sample playback module
Superbooth 2023: Focal And Dolby - Atmos

Focal monitors give Superboothers a taste of Atmos in the wild
Superbooth 2023: MP MIDI - MP Controller

Hardware that lets you interact with software like it's hardware
Superbooth 2023: Expressive E - Osmose

The Osmoses are being shipped out to the world
Superbooth 2023: Pittsburgh Modular - Taiga

Close up and personal with a Taiga
Superbooth 2023: Elektron - Analog Heat + FX

Analog Heat plus additional effects
Superbooth 2023: CEntrance - English Channel

Modular, portable channel strip
Superbooth 2023: Rodec - MX Modular Mixer

Flexible modular mixer for live performing
Superbooth 2023: RME - Fireface UFX III

Updated USB3 interfaces with DC coupled outputs
Superbooth 2023: MyVolts - Power And Connection Solutions

A whole bunch of power and connector solutions
Superbooth 2023: IK Multimedia - iLoud Monitors - Tonex Pedal

White iLoud monitors and a new modelling guitar pedal
Superbooth 2023: Between Machines - Qlocker

Parametric trigger sequencer module
Superbooth 2023: Teenage Engineering - CM15 Mic - TP7 Multitrack Recorder

Supercardioid condenser mic and multitrack recorder complete the Field range
Superbooth 2023: Sonicware Introduces LIVEN Texture Lab

Granular processor synthesizes completely new sounds from any sound source
Superbooth 2023: Syntonie - Video Synthesizer

Flexible CV modular modulatable visuals
Superbooth 2023: Kiviak Instruments - WoFi

Sample based keyboard instrument
Superbooth 2023: Sleepy Circuits - Hypno

Semi-modular video synthesizer
Superbooth 2023: Tiptop Audio - Art - Polytip Cables

New module and cables can control multiple modules polyphonically
Superbooth 2023: Vector Synth - Tempera

Multitimbral polyphonic granular synthesizer
Superbooth 2023: Tiptop Audio - 296 Spectral Processing Module

Recreation of the classic sound shaping and vocoding hardware
Superbooth 2023: Befaco - FXBOY

Fx module with nifty interchangeable cartridges
Superbooth 2023: Crosspatch - TriggerPad

Dynamic trigger/gate sequencer in eurorack format
Superbooth 2023: Buchla - Limited Edition Music Easel

A Music Easel with original design features and a gold keyboard
Superbooth 2023: Retrokits - RK-8

The sequencer that looks like a vintage calculator gets new features
Superbooth 2023: ALM Busy Circuits - TAZM-O - AXON-2

Two new modules from ALM
Superbooth 2023: Lambda Synthetics - PolyPulse

Unconventional standalone live performance workstation
Superbooth 2023: Cong Burn - Strokes

Cross platform sequencing workstation and groovebox plugin
Superbooth 2023: Noise Engineering Debuts Roucha Legio

The fourth module on the Legio platform is a multimode Eurorack filter
Superbooth 2023: Roland Introduces The S-1 Tweak Synth

AIRA Compact lineup expands with a pocket polysynth inspired by the SH-101
Superbooth 2023: Modal - Limited Edition Cobalt And Argon 8

New Cobalt and Argon colour schemes to celebrate ten years of Modal
Superbooth 2023: This Is Not Rocket Science - Bopp And Steve

Deconstructed spatial effect module
Superbooth 2023: Morph Modular - Sputnik Folding Modular Case

A case that's foldable, portable and lighter than it looks.
Superbooth 2023: Modal Electronics - Carbon 8

Forthcoming 8 voice digital synth
Superbooth 2023: Makenoise - Spectraphon

Dual Spectral Oscillator uses real-time spectral analysis and resynthesis to create new sounds
Superbooth 2023: Tasty Chips - GR Mega

Complex polyphonic sample-based granular synth
Superbooth 2023: Reason Studios - Objekt

Flexible modelling synthesizer
Superbooth 2023: Erica Synths - Black Stereo Delay 2 - Black DJ VCF - Black Stereo Reverb

Three new modules from Erica Synths
Superbooth 2023: Kurzweil - SP7 Grand

New stage piano from Kurzweil
Superbooth 2023: Erica Synths - Steampipe

New synth in development with - no oscillators!
Superbooth 2023: WMD/AMMT - VCA Mark III - HiHat

AMMT and WMD working together on new modules
Superbooth 2023: Dreadbox - Telepathy

New full voice synth modules that you can chain together
Superbooth 2023: Klavis - Grainity

Granular VCF module
Superbooth 2023: Finegear - Modmix - Dirt Magnet

CV controlled mixing console and some distinctly dirty effects
Superbooth 2023: Oberheim - OBX8 Desktop

Masses of Oberheim goodness in a smaller space
Superbooth 2023: PWM - Mantis

New hybrid synth designed in collaboration with Chris Huggett
Superbooth 2023: 4ms - Looping Delay - Sampler

Two new modudes that are also available in kit form
Superbooth 2023: New Bastl Delay Module

Basil is a digital stereo delay module built on the Pizza HW platform
Superbooth 2023: UDO Super Gemini First Look

George gives us a tour

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Play V-collection sounds in standalone

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New developments for Waldorf's M 

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