Podcast: Sonic TALK 545 - Those Juicy Digits

iHop Ad, Yamaha synths, Drummers, Drum Machines, Reverb Quiz

Colour Copy - A Bucket-Brigade Delay Emulation

Designed to capture the essence of the entire range of classic bucket brigade delays

Slate Introduces VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition

Latest modelling microphone offers a pairing of classic looks and modern technology

Boards Of Canada Inspired Sounds For Diva

CMYK sound set for the UHE Diva Synth features over 125 patches

DEAL: AudioThing Space Strip - Save 84% At $9.00

Contour, Vibe, Slapback, Ambience Ensemble + Stereo



UA Releases New Century Tube Channel Strip

Mic Pre, EQ And Dynamics Powered Plug-In For UA Interfaces And UAD-2 Hardware

Modular Meets In Leeds On Video

Check this out if you missed it last Saturday

Accordions - One At A Time

Best Service releases the individual instruments from Eduardo Tarilonte's Accordions 2 library

Win A ROLI Seaboard Block

zenAud.io announces a live looping contest and reduces ALK2 sequenced looper price


Podcast: Sonic TALK 544 - Chiptunes Explain It Please

Ribn iOS controller, talking organ, Apple stop affiliate scheme

Sonic LAB Preview: Prophet X - Questions?

A quick look before we start

Presentation: Softube Console 1 Mix Controller

With American Class A Channel

Sonic LAB: Moog Grandmother Analog Semi Modular Synthesizer

Moog modular circuits in a modern mono

MOST READ - this week

1 Behringer Reveals Latest Clone Circuit

Let the speculation begin...

3 Tracktion T7 Is Out And It's Free

Multi-OS DAW has no limitations

4 Help Apogee Protest Trump's Tariffs

Tax on electronic components from China will ultimately result in price increases for us all

5 Thump For Your 808

New multi effects plug-in is designed to add character to 808s and bass

6 A Zither For Kontakt

Soundiron releases Zitherette Version 2.0


Yamaha Want To Know What Your Synth Ideas Are

IdeaScale is a new community platform for discussion

Produce A Track At Peter Gabriel's Real World

Sign up for three-day immersive Beatcamp music experience

Dennis Verschoor Interviewed At WORM Studio

Stuffed with ancient electronic music gear

808 Drum Kit For Ableton Live

AchtNullAcht Drum Kit aims to simulates the original TR-808's unique features

The World's Most Powerful Arpeggiator?

Sample Logic releases Arpology - Cinematic Dimensions

The History Of The Fade Out

Another great mini doc by Estelle Caswell For Vox

New Dreadbox / Polyend Medusa Demo Made Just For Us

Frantic beats and modulation madness

More Videos

First Look: Modal Electronics SKULPT 4 Voice Polysynth 

Sub $300 portable poly synth

Friday Fun - Korg MS20 and Lyra 8 Synth Jam 

Together in ambient bliss

Friday Fun Synth Jam - Yamaha CS15 + Ventris Dual Verb 

CS15 is a bit poorly

Sonic LAB: iZotope VocalSynth2 Demo 

New Vocal Synthesizer with new features