Tegeler Audio Video Contest

Win a Crème RC bus compressor and mastering EQ

Native Instruments Charity Sound Pack

Community Drive is a money raiser for COVID-19 relief

Morph MIDI/MPE Controller News

Sensel announces integration into Pure Data and Purr Data

HeadRush Looperboard Updated

Firmware 2.0 provides endless looping times, customisable footswitches and more

Play Synthgeek Trivia

Bob Moog Foundation announces upcoming events



Eventide Releases Undulator Plug-In

Proceeds from sales of the modulated tremolo effect will go to social justice initiatives

Metamorphic Sound Environment

Daisy Patch is capable of becoming an infinite variety of digital instruments

AES Show Fall 2020 Registration Opens

Virtual stage set for Audio Engineering Month in October

New Hardware Desktop Synthesizer

Majella Audio's IMPLEXUS combines west- and east-coast synthesis techniques

Footswitch Between Expression Pedal Values

Electro-Harmonic releases the Cntl Knob Dual Static Expression Pedal



Synth historian, prophet of polyphony

Sonic LAB: LOCI Modular Desktop Stands

Wooden push fit construction kits

Sonic LAB: Arturia FX Collection

Reverbs, Delays, Compressors, Preamps and Filters

Sonic LAB: Steinberg Backbone - Not Just For Drums

Drum Re-synthesis plug-in and more

Sonic LAB: Roland VR-1HD Video Switcher

With USB camera output for live streaming

Sonic LAB: Soma Pulsar-23 Drum Machine

Another warped instrument from Vlad

MOST READ - this week

1 New Hardware Desktop Synthesizer

Majella Audio's IMPLEXUS combines west- and east-coast synthesis techniques

2 Studio One Updated

Version 5.0 of the PreSonus DAW for macOS and Windows gets major new features

3 Roland Releases Designer Series Patch Collection

New ZEN-Core Sound Packs for July 2020 on Roland Cloud

4 Dual Voice All-Analog Distortion Station

Glou-Glou releases STEAK

5 Spitfire Audio Introduces Symphonic Motions

Tool aids creation of expressive and intricate rhythmic patterns for strings

6 International Songwriting Competition News

2020 panel of judges announced - Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Tom Waits and more


Roland Announces Model Expansions

JX-8P, SH-101, JUNO-106 and Jupiter-8 for Roland Cloud and ZEN-Core system

Six-Voice Polysynth For Ableton Live

J74 Venus6 echoes the behaviour of 1980's DCO synthesizers

Rare Seventies Vocoder Emulated

XILS 201 vocoder takes inspiration from the Sennheiser VSM 201 used by Kraftwerk

New TC Electronic Looper

DITTO+ Looper expands on the original Ditto Looper

Podcast: Sonic TALK 625 - Most Expensive Keyboard Stand

Typhon, Sptifire, Sax Pipe, Liquid Sonics, UK price fixing

Podcast: Sonic TALK 624 - I Only Run It At Night

Neve 8424, Lisa Bella Donna, Knobcloud.com, Stutter Edit2, JMJ VR

More Videos

Sonic LAB: Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer 

The new flagship mono from Dave and the team

Sonic LAB: Soma Pulsar-23 Drum Machine 

Another warped instrument from Vlad