Free Download Of The Doom Compressor

Mick Gordon's sound re-created in custom device

If You Watch Only One Beatboxing Buddhist Monk Today..

Then it should be Yogetsu Akasaka

Sequential Sixes Get MPE In OS Update

P6 and OB6 get Vintage mode too

Abbey Road Celebrate Womens Day With FREE Virtual Festival

A week of online talks, mentor sessions and masterclasses

UK Music Festival Tickets On Sale And Selling Out!

Reading and Leeds announced, Creamfields sold out



Liven Multi-Track FM Synth And Groovebox

XFM now available for pre-order

Reason Studios Release Algoritm FM Synthesizer

Designed to make FM more intuitive

Make A Eurorack Module With Tom Whitwell

2 hour online workshop making new CONTROL module

Build A High End Condenser Mic On A Budget

Two variations based on the Neumann U87


Presentation: Synchro Arts Vocalign Ultra

Tighten up your vocal tracks - quickly

Sonic LAB: Artiphon Orba Review

Self contained looper/instrument and controller


With Chris from Battery Operated Orchestra

Sonic LAB: Cubase Pro 11 - In Use

Gaz Williams takes it for a spin

FIVE MINUTES WITH 42HP - GodSpeed and Warps

Doepfer A-132-1, Tip Top ZVERB, Pam's

FIVE MINUTES WITH: 42HP Modular Part 3 - ALM Akemie's Taiko

Pamela's New Workout, Milky Way, Echoz

MOST READ - this week

1 Classic Synths In Miniature - Arp Quadra

Incredible miniature replications of classic synths

3 How Synths Were Advertised In The 80s

Let the DX100 rev you up

4 Classic Vangelis - Commanding A Virtual Orchestra

Incredible performance on a vast range of instruments

5 Liven Multi-Track FM Synth And Groovebox

XFM now available for pre-order


Rupert Neve Dies At 94

Audio icon with a lifetime of brilliant work

Colossus Is Back

Analogue Solutions announces forthcoming fourth run of their supersized synth

Mysterious OP-1 Replica From Japan

QMK Sequencer Based On Teenage Engineering's Flagship Machine

LANDR Sessions Adds Video Chat To High Quality Audio Feed

Designed for musicians to collaborate

PODCAST: Sonic TALK 657 - Flying Faders + Beads

Colussus,LANDR Sessions, Neve and Corea

Chill Or Mix With 30,000 Free BBC Nature Soundscapes

Soundscapes for wellbeing to mix in your browser or download

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