Prophet 12 - Last 100 Will Be Custom White

Final production run in custom livery

Autony - Unreliable Sequence Generator

iOs AUv3 plug-in generates sequences that can mutate and change

Kickstart Needed For RAVEN Synth

100% analog, semi-modular synth voice is looking for funding

Megaverb - Bad 80's Reverb Revisited

Plug-in emulates the quirks of early digital reverbs

Kontakt Instrument For Rhythmic Mayhem

Features four layers, each with their own advanced step sequencer



More Weird And Wonderful Instruments

Spitfire Audio announces availability of SOUND DUST 2

Podcast: Sonic TALK 558 - Randomization Is King

Cubase 10, AM Synthesis, Groove Agent and other drummers

Free Delay For Mac And Windows

Adam Monroe's Delay features synchronized pinball panning

PreSonus Releases ATOM Pad Controller

USB controller with 16 pads is now available


Sonic LAB: Arturia Keylab MKII MIDI Controller

DAW/CV Gate and Analog Lab too

Nektar Panorama T4 Preview - Questions?

We take a look at the features, more to come

MOST READ - this week

1 Manufacturers Help Extend The Power Of MIDI

Planned major update to MIDI technology attracts new members to the MMA

2 Cubase 10 - It's Official

Cubase Pro 10, Cubase Artist 10, and Cubase Elements 10 released

3 Standby - Cubase 10 Is About To Drop

Steinberg Website is in holding mode

4 Kickstart Needed For RAVEN Synth

100% analog, semi-modular synth voice is looking for funding

5 Shaped Noise Percussion Synthesizer Kit

Rakit's Metal pocket-sized percussion synth features a modified Polivoks filter

6 Axis One - A Waves-Optimized Computer

Standardized computer is custom-designed to run Waves audio applications


The Ultimate VST-Synthesizer MIDI Controller?

Rava Yamana is a USB MIDI controller specifically made to control analog-style VST Synths

Win A 25th Anniversary Bass Station II

Novation marks v2.5 firmware update with a Bass Station II 25th Anniversary Edition giveaway

Dedicated Ableton Looper Foot Controller

State Of The Loop Kickstarts

Moog One Updated

Synth gets new v1.0.1 firmware with stability improvements, bug fixes and more

A Revolution In Online Music Making?

Amped Studio 2.0 online DAW makes the claim

Podcast: Sonic TALK 556 - Crippled Snare, iPad Pro + Spiralalala

New Apple stuff, AudioKit, Spitfire Audio

Composing The New Halloween Movie Theme

ROLI's Seaboard RISE 49 is instrumental to the 2018 horror sequel

More Videos

Sonic LAB: Polyend - Dreadbox Medusa - Hybrid Synth Review 

The power of two

Sonic LAB: Build A Track With Just Ableton's Wavetable Synth 

Beats, bass and more with Simon Stokes

Friday Fun Synth Jam - Arturia Keylab MKII, Pittsburgh SV-1, Koma Field Kit FX 

Crunchy and quirky

Sonic LAB: Arturia Keylab MKII MIDI Controller 

DAW/CV Gate and Analog Lab too