Arturia Cooking Something Up For Tomorrow

US Celebrating _25 years of Arturia      08/04/24

Arturia are teasing a big live streaming event for tomorrow at 6pm CEST  - presumably some big product launches to tie in with their celebrating 25 years of Arturia. The title is 25 Years and Beyond  - oops sorry _25 Years and Beyond.

The graphics are very space oriented, not sure what that suggests, but maybe something "out of this world"?

They aren't giving much away at the moment. But their recent trajectory has been bring their hardware and software into line - what with  miniFreak both having a V version in software form -  the miniFreak V comes bundled with the hardware synth.

But it should at the very least be a state of the art live stream  and creative use of the _underscore  :-)

_Arturia Rendez-vous was the last one they did ,and took it very seriously, with some Apple-esque greenscreen appearances from Frederic Brun, the CEO of Arturia. They also unveiled the miniFreak.....

We'll see you there.



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