Sonic State Music Tech News: sounds

Ouput Releases Arcade V1.1 Update

Download range, pitch transpose, resizeable gui

M-Tron Pro Gets New Banks From Newly Found Rare Tapes

Including Jack Bruce, Steve Hackett -50% off till 12th September

Spitfire Studio Strings - First of New Orchestra Range

Available in Studio and Professional versions

New Sounds For DX7, Korg Volca And Others

Navi Retlav Studio releases a new set of .syx banks

New Spitfire Audio LABS Electric Piano Free Instrument

The latest free release in the LABS series

Loop-Based Virtual Percussion Instrument

Rhythmic Odyssey focuses on percussion performances by David Oliver

Virtual Instrument Inspired By Outer Space

COSMOS Kontakt instrument features electronic pulses, sequences, and soundscapes

Boards Of Canada Inspired Sounds For Diva

CMYK sound set for the UHE Diva Synth features over 125 patches

Accordions - One At A Time

Best Service releases the individual instruments from Eduardo Tarilonte's Accordions 2 library

eTron - A Sampled Mellotron Instrument

VST/AU plug-in for Mac and Windows features 7 mellotron sounds

A Zither For Kontakt

Soundiron releases Zitherette Version 2.0

808 Drum Kit For Ableton Live

AchtNullAcht Drum Kit aims to simulates the original TR-808's unique features

New Patches For The Roland SH-01A

Ultimate Patches collection features 320 original patches

Spitfire Audio Releases Another Free Instrument

LABS Amplified Cello Quartet features celli through amps and effects pedals

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Apollo X Launch Event - Air Studios London

Orchestral recording and a chat with the product manager


New EHX Polyrhythmic Modulator Stompbox

Mod Rex features four independent modulation sections synced in time

Expressive E Announces Touché SE

A refined, affordable, USB-only version of Touché for software applications

Ouput Releases Arcade V1.1 Update

Download range, pitch transpose, resizeable gui

Meta-PWM Oscillator For The Korg Prologue

Blinds is a versatile two-mode oscillator with 101 starting waveforms

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Coming Soon

Shipping will start mid-October

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