Sonic State Music Tech News: sounds

Patches For Your Prologue

GEOSynths releases a set of 101 sounds for the Korg synth

Best Service Releases Chris Hein Ensemble Strings

Library matches individually recorded instruments for optimum tuning and timing

Waldorf Waves Sound For Reason

Propellerhead releases Layers Wave Edition Reason Rack Extension

Need Some Authentic Instruments? - ROLI Can Help

Impressive range of SWAM instruments expanded

Zimmer Studio Beauty Shots For Spitfire Audio

Hans Zimmer Strings Library

Over 300 New JU-06 Patches

Ultimate Patches releases Master Collection I-II-III-IV-V-VI

EastWest Announces 30th Anniversary Sale

30 years of virtual instruments celebrated

Home Cooked Hip Hop Samples For Octatrak

Get some lo fi inspiration

Free Wave Alchemy Drum Sample Pack

Evolve features 300 drum samples showcasing the Evolution drum machine

Sonic LAB: Output Analog Brass and Winds

Kontakt based hybrid library combines instruments with synths

New VI Goes Beyond Prepared Piano

UVI Augmented Piano includes 24 preparations that can be layered

Hans Zimmer Strings For Your Productions

Spitfire Audio works with Hans Zimmer on a string sampling library featuring 344 players

New Patches For The Korg KingKorg

GEOSynths creates 100 sounds and demos them all on video

California Keys

Q Up Arts offers KONTAKT keyboard collection sampled in a Topanga Canyon studio

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Musik Messe Wrap, ROLI, Valkyrie and MixFace

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Gaz and Nick create some weird space

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We take a look at two new boxes from 1010Music


Get SONAR For Free

SONAR relaunches as Cakewalk by BandLab

Native Instruments Launches KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.0

Latest release extends the NKS standard to effects

Pittsburgh Modular Sequence Designer For Superbooth

partner for the Microvolt and more

Podcast: Sonic TALK - We Dont Want Your Stinking Clagnuts

Musik Messe Wrap, ROLI, Valkyrie and MixFace

STARGAZER Drone Synthesizer

Møffenzeef Mødular says it's a hypnotic vomitron that can shred parallel dimensions

TC Electronic Revives The 2290

Classic hardware delay returns as a hardware controlled plug-in

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We get a look at the new AIRA drum machine

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How good can a $300 synth sound?

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