Glossy Cinematic Pads & Pulses For Kontakt

US Riot Audio releases Candyfloss      05/04/24

Riot Audio has released Candyfloss, a virtual instrument for Kontakt designed to easily produce glossy ambient/cinematic pad sounds. here's the details in their own words...

Based on a category-based sound architecture (Body, Granular, Texture), Candyfloss is a sample-based virtual instrument for Native Instrument's Kontakt 6 that is tailored to producing pads with rich, complex high frequency elements. It draws on 60 organic sounds processed through various forms of granular treatment as a basis for musical sound design. Although technically a sample library, Riot Audio says the architecture and resulting sounds are more reminiscent of a synth.

Candyfloss's pulses, pads and other sounds combine glistening high frequency pearls, frothy mid-range rasps and grainy streaks with close-mic'ed acoustic instrument drones and washes inside an engine that allows for extensive time-based modulation and motion.

Features at a glance:

  • Custom sound design engine based on three sonic categories (Body, Granular, Texture).
  • Three sound layers.
  • Original Source sounds: Acoustic Guitar Ebow, Bass Pluck, Braguinha Ebow, Charango, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Gong/Prayer Bowl, Lap Steel, Low Flute, Piano.
  • Plus 50 detailed processed sounds derived from these original sounds.
  • Over 200.000 possible sonic combinations.
  • 160 presets (snapshots) in total – 90 pads, 30 pulses, 15 pad/pulse combinations, 15 experimental patches, 10 risers.
  • Evolving Soundscapes easy to create with Morphing and Movement tabs.
  • Morphing Parameters: High/Band/Low Pass, Formant, Distortion.
  • Movement Parameters: High/Low Pass, Phaser, Distortion, Pitch, Volume.
  • Intelligent Randomizer function for instant new workable sonic combinations.
  • Total size of sampled content: 2.05 GB (1.7GB compressed).


Kontakt 6 Full version required - not for Kontakt Player.

Pricing and Availability:
Intro Price: £59 until 24th April 2024 (Regular price: £89).

More information:


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