Horror-Inspired Instrument For Kontakt

US GHOUL two-layer instrument features aleatoric violin and vocals      07/11/22

Riot Audio has released GHOUL, which they describe as a cinematic instrument inspired by the best of contemporary elevated horror for Native Instruments' Kontakt. This is the story in their own words...

The idea behind GHOUL is simple: to combine carefully crafted vocal and vocal-like sounds (e.g. a wiped frame drum) with a selection of atonal, aleatoric violin articulations, with filters, tuning and impulse response insert effects allowing for a broad range of horror-inspired sounds ranging from gently uncanny to outright terrifying.

GHOUL incorporates two layers of sound – "The Nether" (A) and "The Yonder" (B). Both layers draw on the same 13 sound sources. Each layer contains envelope, high and low pass filters, panning and octave tuning controls. The balance between the two layers can be adjusted.

The joint A/B signal is routed to a set of two impulse responses custom recorded for this library – one based on a crackly old tape and the other a human growl. They can be used sparingly for a bit of extra unholy magic or turned up to the full for a huge discordant brew of sound.

This control is there in order to compensate for some of the side effects of the "transmogrification". The Impulse Responses can colour the sound in a mid-heavy way, this control allows for dialling those excessive mids back again.

GHOUL also contains a simple classic delay and reverb, both with added controls for delay time and reverb length respectively.

All performances are a minimum of 50 seconds long, with some as long as eight minutes. The sample start is set to random for each sample, effectively giving the instrument an almost unlimited number of round robins. As the samples are frequently stretched across several notes or even octaves this also helps to ensure a realistic complexity and variation in the samples being played back simultaneously.

GHOUL'S palette of sounds particularly suits the horror genre but is also great for thriller, scifi and other genre film scores and game compositions with a dark edge.

•       Custom sound design engine using state of the art Kontakt 6 capabilities
•       Two layers of sound: The Nether (A), The Yonder (B)
•       Source sounds: 8 aleatoric violin sounds (scrapes, body/string taps, detuned cluster, irregular tremolo/col legno, tickles), 3 vocalisations (growl, whisper, moan) and two vocal like sounds derived from a large frame drum
•       156 possible sonic combinations
•       40 presets (snapshots) in total – 20 longs, 10 medium, 10 shorts
•       Dual custom IR processing for morphing of sounds into unrecognisable territory
•       Dynamics mapped to modwheel (CC1) for instant playability and expression
•       Classic Style delay, LP/HP Filters, Reverb and Mids Attenuation included

Pricing and Availability:
Intro price: £29 until Nov 23rd Regular price: £39)

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