Sonic State Music Tech News: synths

Friday Fun: Clavinet and Ventris Jam

Arturia Analog Lab with Keylab MKII

Tocante BISTAB And Bastl Thyme In Action

Touchpad instrument played through a sequenceable robot operated digital tape machine

Bent-Wave FM Synthesis For Korgs

Sinevibes releases new oscillator plug-in for prologue and minilogue xd synths

808 And 909 Sounds For Elektron Groovebox

Two new soubd packs released Model:Samples alongside an OS update

Twisted Electrons Announces Acid8 MKIII

8Bit bass-line synthesizer gets revamped sound and interface

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Is Available Again

Back and here to stay

Dolby To Perform at Synthplex - March 30th

At the Gala Banquet - limited tickets

Prologue Presets

Robust American Patches EDMDROP1 features electronic drums, basses, leads and more

New Version Of Chiptune Synthesizer

Twisted Electrons hapiNES L is a larger version of hapiNES with added features

A Visit To The Secret Yamaha Synth Space

Just down the road from NAMM

Behringer MS-101 vs SH-101 Sound Comparison

Failed Muso takes his time

Patches For Your Bass Station II

Ultimate Patches releases a collection of over 300 patches

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Meet The Makers - iZotope CEO Mark Ethier

From crappy recordings to AI and Machine Learning

Sonic LAB: Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Wireless 16 track synthesizer and sequencer


iZotope Updates Spire Studio

New Enhance feature utilises the latest in smart analysis

NAMM 2019: Sonicstate Awards

And the winners are...

NAMM 2019: Buchla's Red Panel Affordable Synths

Buchla U.S.A. introduces an independent division of new products

NAMM 2019: Behringer Reveal Their ODYSSEY

Check out their video demo

More Videos

NAMM 2019: Noise Engineering Four New Modules 

Cursus Iteritas Percido, Fractio Solum, Terci Ruina and Sinc Bucina

Sonic LAB: Cubase 10 Update 

Gaz shows us the good stuff

Friday Fun: Arturia MatrixBrute and Fulsome Clouds Synth Jam 

Three oscillator fun

Presentation: Nektar T4 And Nektarine Plug-in System 

DAW and Plug-in control