Sonic State Music Tech News: synths

Roland Add JX-3P To System-8 With OS 1.30

More ACB poly action for the Plug-Out synth

Modular Meets In Leeds On Video

Check this out if you missed it last Saturday

Sonic LAB: Prophet X Hybrid Synth - Big Fat Review

Samples plus synthesis from DSI

Sound Semiconductor Fatkeys Quad VCA News

Update to data sheet includes Dave Rossum's exponential voltage to current converter

Kurzweil SP1 88-note Stage Piano Ships

Affordable introductory pro-keyboard is available now

Yamaha Want To Know What Your Synth Ideas Are

IdeaScale is a new community platform for discussion

Vintage JHS Pro Rhythm Drum Synth Review

Ever heard of this one? Us neither

Generator Analogue Step Sequencer In Action

Analogue Solutions posts a video of their new sequencer playing a Treadstone synth

Montage Gets Another Major OS Update

V2.5 adds more sounds and control

Sonic LAB Preview: Prophet X - Questions?

A quick look before we start

New Dreadbox / Polyend Medusa Demo Made Just For Us

Frantic beats and modulation madness

New Sounds For The Nord Lead A1

Geosynths releases 100 Programs and 50 Performances

ACL - System1 Modular Synth In Action

Audiophile Circuits League posts an overview video

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 544 - Chiptunes Explain It Please

Ribn iOS controller, talking organ, Apple stop affiliate scheme

Sonic LAB Preview: Prophet X - Questions?

A quick look before we start

Presentation: Softube Console 1 Mix Controller

With American Class A Channel


New Aphex Twin Track + Video T69 Collapse

Watch out though it failed the epilepsy inducing test

Arturia Announces DrumBrute Impact

All-new compact and affordable analogue drum machine

Spitfire Audio Releases Another Free Instrument

LABS Amplified Cello Quartet features celli through amps and effects pedals

Help Apogee Protest Trump's Tariffs

Tax on electronic components from China will ultimately result in price increases for us all

More Videos

Friday Fun: Microvolt 3900 + Behringer Neutron Synth Jam 

With Ventris Dual Reverb, Arturia Keystep and Lab4Music Sipario

Friday Fun - Korg MS20 and Lyra 8 Synth Jam 

Together in ambient bliss

Sonic LAB: Audient iD44 USB Audio Interface Presentation 

4 Class A mic preamps and much more

Sonic LAB: Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900 Desktop Semi Modular Synth 

A mix of features from both East and West