Sonic State Music Tech News: synths

Podcast: Sonic TALK 573 - Tara Busch, The Jam Is Too Massive

I Speak Machine, Endlesss, MyVolts and Timbre Wolf

Three New Noise Engineering Eurorack Modules

Terci Ruina, Sinc Bucina and Cursus Iteritas Percido are now available

Eurorack Sequencer Updated

XOR Electronics NerdSEQ firmware 1.9 release adds flexibility

More Patches For The Novation PEAK

Geosynths Zenith Vol 2 features 128 sounds with a digtal flavour

Bass Station II Gets Aphex Twin Update

Latest firmware update adds five powerful and innovative new features

Kickstart A Digital Polysynth

Buzzzy! is a 16 voice / 4 part digital USB & MIDI module with 4 synthesis engines

Roland Introduces HP700 Digital Piano Series

HP704 and HP702 home pianos make their debut

Duo-Phonic Chiptune Synth Is The Son Of Sid

Twisted Electrons TherapKid is inspired by their therapSid

Who Wants A 46 Way System Bus Mult?

Modular one-off from Møffenzeef Modular

Eurorack Synth For Drones, Textures And More

4ms releases the six-channel Spherical Wavetable Navigator

Modular Synth In A Pedal Is Almost Ready

Orders are now being accepted for Empress Effects ZOIA

Kurzweil PC4 Is Coming Soon

Performance Controller and Production Station has new 6-operator FM Engine

Synthplex 2019: Yamaha MODX Sounds Only Demo

Exploring the sounds

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Sonic Lab: Tim Exile's Endlesss First Look

Jam and loop collaboration app

Podcast: Sonic TALK 570 - I'm InKomplete

Massive X, Thomann Synth Reactor, ReGuitar, Tim Exile Endless


Podcast: Sonic TALK 572 - Data Liberation

Shows, April fools, Impulse Command, backup, Exponential Audio, Nord Grand

Perfectly Fitting IEMs - Just Add Water

Sensaphonics unveils new Magic-Grow AudioFoam In-Ear Monitors

Synthplex 2019: Waves Flow Motion FM Synth

Accessible Hybrid FM synthesis

Podcast: Sonic TALK 570 - I'm InKomplete

Massive X, Thomann Synth Reactor, ReGuitar, Tim Exile Endless

Analogue Solutions Teases New Synth

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NAMM 2019: Verbos Electronics CV Processor and Mini Horse 

Two (well, three) new products from Verbos

Sonic LAB: Endorphines BLCK_Noir Eurorack Drum Module 

7 voices with FX

NAMM 2019: Noise Engineering Four New Modules 

Cursus Iteritas Percido, Fractio Solum, Terci Ruina and Sinc Bucina

Meet The Makers - iZotope CEO Mark Ethier 

From crappy recordings to AI and Machine Learning