Eurorack Stereo Saturation Controller

US Malstrom Audio introduces Wyvern      15/04/24

Malstrom Audio has released Wyvern, a 12HP Eurorack Stereo Saturation Controller.


- Filter EQ with Low-shelf, High-shelf, Bell, Low-pass, High-pass and Notch curves.
- Resonance to add emphasis on a frequency or to make it scream.
- Soft clipping, Hard clipping and Allpass distortion for a variety of flavors.
- Boost switch and clip indicator led to set Saturation scale.
- Level and VCA to adjust level while Saturation amount remains the same.
- High-pass and Low-pass combo to select a part of the spectrum.
- Dry/wet control to dial in the right amount of processed signal.
- Gain with increased and adjustable center detent position.
- V/oct tracking with temperature compensation.

Pricing and Availability:
399 Euros

More information:




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