Sonic State Music Tech News: studio

Slate Introduces VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition

Latest modelling microphone offers a pairing of classic looks and modern technology

New Genelec High-SPL Smart Active Monitors

Designed for pro applications that demand high acoustic power or listening at a distance

Plug-In Aims To Transforms Your Monitoring

Perspective offers the sound of studio monitors, car stereos and consumer electronics

Free Creative Software For Audient Users

Audient ARC: The Creative Hub relaunches a year on

Presentation: Softube Console 1 Mix Controller

With American Class A Channel

Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer

Hardware unit features analog signal path with complete digital control from your DAW

Complete PreSonus Recording Solution

AudioBox Studio Ultimate Bundle may have all you need for less than $300

Audio-Technica Monitor Headphones Ship

Low-profile, on-ear, professional ATH-M60x are now available

Sonic LAB: Audient iD44 USB Audio Interface Presentation

4 Class A mic preamps and much more

New Headphone Amps For Studio Recording

Sterling Audio releases SHA4 and SHA8 Dual-Source Headphone Amplifiers

Avantone CLA-10 Re-Imagines The NS-10

A close match to the much-loved black nearfield studio monitoring mainstay

MOTU Ships New 8-Mic Pre Interface

8pre-es is a 52-channel Thunderbolt/USB audio interface for Mac, Windows and iOS

A Locker Full Of Mics In One

Slate Digital launches the VMS ML-2 modeling microphone

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 544 - Chiptunes Explain It Please

Ribn iOS controller, talking organ, Apple stop affiliate scheme

Sonic LAB Preview: Prophet X - Questions?

A quick look before we start

Presentation: Softube Console 1 Mix Controller

With American Class A Channel


New Aphex Twin Track + Video T69 Collapse

Watch out though it failed the epilepsy inducing test

Sonic LAB: Moog Grandmother Analog Semi Modular Synthesizer

Moog modular circuits in a modern mono

Roland Add JX-3P To System-8 With OS 1.30

More ACB poly action for the Plug-Out synth

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Sonic LAB: Audient iD44 USB Audio Interface Presentation 

4 Class A mic preamps and much more

Friday Fun: Arturia Drum Brute Impact + Moog Grandmother 

Review coming, any questions?

Sonic LAB: iZotope VocalSynth2 Demo 

New Vocal Synthesizer with new features

Friday Fun: Prophet X and DrumBrute Impact Synth Jam 

Its been a while..