Cinematic Morphing Pads For Kontakt

US Riot Audio releases BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS sound library      29/08/19

Riot Audio has releasesd BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS, which they describe as a simple but powerful Kontakt virtual instrument for cinematic morphing pad sounds. BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS, centred on recordings of bowed guitars, is the follow-up to the Bowed Glass Clouds.

BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS is built on Riot Audio’s proprietary CLOUDS engine which contains an individually adjustable three-octave spread and two main layers (A & B) with two sublayers each. It uses Kontakt’s AET Filter technology and equal power crossfading to morph between these different layers. There is a resulting total of 12 layers that can be morphed, blended and automated to create a wide variety of complex, evolving textures.

A spokesperson told us, "BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS allows the user to create rich, organic evolving pad sounds for film scores, trailers, ambient and electronic music. Its sonic palette ranges from scratchy, sitar-like drones via quivering pads to heavily saturated, growling free-bowing notes. This makes BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS suitable for a variety of moods and genres – from dreamy electro pop to sci-fi trailer music and horror film scores."


• Multi-layer morphing pad instrument running in Kontakt 5.8 and above (full
version only)
• Source instruments include: bowed hollowbody electric guitar, bowed semi-acoustic bass, bowed steel-string acoustic guitar, bowed Portuguese steel-string ukulele (Braguinha)
• 40 presets (snapshots) in total
• Instant rich, organic evolving pad textures
• Built with RIOT AUDIO’s proprietary “CLOUDS” engine which uses Kontakt’s AET Filter morphing technology
• 12 layers of sound

Pricing and Availability:

Intro price until September 11th 2019: £29 (Regular price: £49)

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