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US Help the hive mind identify elusive tracks      07/04/24

Before the days of Shazam, and auto-generated tracklists - finding the name of that elusive track on a mix CD, tape, or radio show was a real challenge, sometimes lasting a lifetime! But what a special feeling when you do. 

Youtube channel Rave Vinyl Reminiscence is on a mission to help you find and identify those long-lost white labels, remixes, and bootlegs from a selection of sources. If you recongise any, comment on the video - and request tune IDs of your own by contacting the channel.

What a sterling service he's providing! While they mainly focus on Hardcore / Rave tunes from the early 90s, it would be great to see this being opened up to other genres. 

More from Rave Vinyl Reminiscence 


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