Sonic State Music Tech News: iphone

Effects Rack For iPad

Gospel Musicians releases iFX Rack

New Version Of iOS DX7 Emulation

AudioKit Pro releases FM Player 2 with a host of new features

Dexed for iOS Updates - Adds 640,000 Patches

Pretty much every FM patch ever made?

Roxsyn - A Guitar Synth For iOS

Yonac Software releases the world's first metamorphic guitar synthesizer

Analog-Modelled Dynamic EQ For iOS

ToneBoosters Equalizer uses AI for content-dependent equalisation suggestions

PolyRhythmic Arpeggiator For iOS

Pagefall Software releases Ioniarics AUv3 plug-in

Eventide FX For iPhone And iPad

Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay and MicroPitch released for iOS

FM Electric Piano Collection For iOS

Gospel Musicians FM TiNES is an iPad version of their Desktop original

Free Synths For iOS

Spectrum Synthesizer Bundle offers AU versions of some Mutable Instruments designs

FabFilter Pro Plug-Ins For Your iPad

All FabFilter Pro plug-ins are now available in AUv3 format

Novation Circuit Editor

Patch Base iPad app now offers an editor/librarian for the Novation Circuit

Pure Synth Platinum On Your iPad

Pure Synth Platinum 2 synth/rompler is ported over to iOS

Stereo Filter For iOS

Numerical Audio's SF-1 is built around two multimode filters and various means of modulation

8-Track Midi Drum Sequencer For iOS

Numerical Audio releases Octachron

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The philosophy of designing organismic instruments

5-MINUTES-WITH: OTO Machines Biscuit

Quirky 8-bit multi-FX - with 50% Off Plug-in version

Sonic LAB: Waves Abbey Road Studio 3

Mix in the room on your headphones


Easy-To-Learn Digital Wind Instrument

Roland's AE-01 Aerophone mini eliminates complicated fingerings and difficult breath control

IK Multimedia Introduces iRig Keys 2

Their next generation of mobile MIDI keyboard controllers

Easier Operation Of Your DSI Evolver releases a new live-performance oriented overlay for the desktop synth

Instant Hand Claps And Finger Snaps

Robotic Bean releases Hand Clap Studio VST/AU instrument

Chandler Limited Curve Bender Emulated

Softube releases a plug-in version of the analog mastering grade equalizer

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Hello Hydrasynth - New Company, New Poly Synth 

ASM release Wavemorphing with poly aftertouch

Sonic LAB: Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 

Mix in the room on your headphones

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Two touchy, feelie keybeds

Sonic LAB: Softube Monoment Bass Synth Plug-in 

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