Guide To Using AI In The Music Industry

US Bobby Owsinski releases a new book - The Musician's AI Handbook      28/11/23

Guide To Using AI In The Music Industry

Author, teacher, producer, and engineer Bobby Owsinski has announced the release of his new book, The Musician's AI Handbook. He says that it's a comprehensive guide that shows musicians, artists, songwriters, producers, and anyone in the music business how to use artificial intelligence as a highly creative tool to generate new ideas, polish their productions, and help to promote their music.

Bobby Owsinski told us, "This book is not about replacing a musician's unique creativity with algorithms. It's about empowering artists with AI as a new and expressive tool to unlock new musical potential and opportunities that you never thought possible."

Here's more details direct from the author...

The book is packed with useful information and how-to's, covering everything from the basics of AI to the latest advances in AI-powered music generation, production, mixing, mastering, graphics, video, and chatbots. It also explores the legal and ethical considerations of using AI in music, as well as the benefits and limitations of the various AI platforms.

The Musician's AI Handbook is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Fundamentals of AI and How It Works in Music: This section explains the basics of AI in a way that anyone can understand, and takes a look at the many gray areas of AI copyright that users must be concerned with.

Part 2: Using AI for Composition and Production: This section shows you how to use AI composition and production platforms to develop new song and lyric ideas, how to use AI audio tools and plugins for faster and better mixes, and how AI mixing and mastering platforms will lift your songs to a pro level.

Part 3: Using AI for Graphics, Video, and Promotion: This section shows you how to use the latest in AI graphics and video generation platforms, as well as the best ways to use AI chatbots, all so that you can promote your music to a wider audience.

The Musician's AI Handbook is more than just a manual; it's a reassurance for those who fear AI might stifle their creativity or outpace their learning curve. With this handbook, Owsinski proves that AI is not a threat, but an extremely valuable tool that can become a musician's best friend.

The Musician's AI Handbook is now available in either print or electronic versions from various online retailers, book stores everywhere, or at a special discounted price at the Bobby Owsinski website.

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