The Music Business Advice Book

US Bobby Owsinski's latest features words of wisdom from 130 music pros      08/08/18

The Music Business Advice Book

BOMG Publishing has announced the release of The Music Business Advice Book: 150 Immediately Useful Tips From The Pros by music industry author and blogger Bobby Owsinski. This is what they have to say about it…
The Music Business Advice Book is a compilation of 150 helpful quotes from 130 top music pros from various segments of the music industry. These experts previously shared these tips on Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast over the course of almost 5 years.
These 150 tips cover everything from following your passion, learning to network, and working well with your musical team, to owning your own content and even figuring out how much to charge for your services. Also included are even some useful music production words of wisdom, as well as the indispensable "10 Rules Of Networking."
"I always close my Inner Circle podcast by asking my guest one final question - 'What was the best piece of business advice that was imparted to you or you learned along the way?'", revealed author Bobby Owsinski. "Many times the answers reinforced a few central points that we've all come to appreciate over the years, but some were so insightful that I knew they would be extremely helpful to so many in the business looking for a little guidance."

The experts quoted come from all areas of the music business, including recording and mixing engineers like Bob Brockman, Joe Chiccarelli, Josh Gudwin, and Vance Powell, mastering engineers like Gavin Lurssen and Ian Shepherd, producers like Ken Calliat, Mike Elizondo and Warren Huart, post-production gurus like Scott Gershin and Brian Schmidt, musicians like Pete Thorn, Mark Shulman and Shane Theriot, composers and songwriters like Richard Gibbs, Carmen Rizzo and Martin Page, managers like Candace Stewart, Rick Barker and Antony Bland, music publishers like Jamie Purpora and Greig Watts, label execs like Shan Dan Horan and Shawn Mikle, technologists like Steven Slate and Roger Linn, and music business advocates like Dae Bogen, Dave Kusek and David Scheirman. Of course, this is just a quick sampling as more than 100 additional equally celebrated music authorities who also contributed.
Among the many topics covered in the book include:

  • how to follow your passion without selling your soul
  • learning to network and why it's critical to finding work
  • determining what you're worth and how to charge for it
  • developing the right attitude and why it's the big key to getting ahead
  • discovering the most crucial aspects of your personal music business
  • getting paid from both clients and companies
  • keeping ownership of your own content
  • and even a few production gems of wisdom


The insights in The Music Business Advice Book are not only essential for those new to the music industry, but valuable to seasoned pros as well. Whether you're a musician, artist, in a band, an engineer, producer, songwriter or music exec, there's something in this book for everyone.
Pricing and Availability:

For a short time, The Music Business Advice Book carries a special introductory price of just $0.99 on Amazon's Kindle store. The print edition is priced at $19.99.

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