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Masterclass With Alan Parsons

GRAMMY Award-winning musician and producer offers three unique master classes in California

Tips For Building Your Own Synths

New LeoMakes video shows you how to DIY properly

SoundGym Announces BeatRace

Improve your beat-making with training, games & hourly competitions

Equalisation Masterclass

Samplecraze releases new video tutorial series

Free Masterclass With Chris Lord-Alge

Waves Audio to Host CLA MixHub in Person in L.A. this Thursday, March 7

Free Book Explores Alternative Music Theory

DODEKA looks at music through the lenses of isomorphism, microtonality and chromaticism

Reason's Modular Synth Explained

Complex-1 tutorial covers the basic concepts of modular synthesis and beyond

All You Need To Know About Compression

Samplecraze releases a Compression Masterclass series of 20 videos

Rack Extensions - Propellerhead's Thoughts

Propellerhead's Magnus Berger gives a talk on building rack extensions for MacOS, Windows, mobile, web and hardware

Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass

Samplecraze package contains Creative Effects eBook plus over 5 hours of video tutorials

From Demo To Master Chapter 2

Waves continues their free mixing and production course with GRAMMY-winning producer/mixer

How To Get From Demo To Master

Waves announces a free mixing and production course with GRAMMY-winning Dave Darlington

All You Need To Know About The MixBus

Samplecraze releases MixBus Strategies - The Definitive Guide For Producers ebook

SoundGym's New EQ Ear Training Game

EQ Knight is designed to train and polish your EQ skills

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World's First Ever Drum Machine Recreated

Rhythmic Robot sample the Chamberlin Rhythmate for Kontakt

Nektar Announces Studio One Integration

Panorama USB MIDI controllers now include DAW integration support for PreSonus Studio One

Melodyne Functionality In Cakewalk Improved

Cakewalk by BandLab now supports the ARA 2 interface extension

Kilohearts Releases Phase Plant Synth

Hybrid synth features snapin effects integration alongside synthesis and sampling

New OB-6 Patches

100 custom presets for your Tom Oberheim/Dave Smith synth

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X8P vs Prism ADA-8

Sonic LAB: Dreadbox Hynposis Retro Time Effects 

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