Podcast: Sonic TALK 604 - NAMMNESIA

US Post NAMM brain dump      30/01/20

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80:44 mins


  • Tori Letzler - media composer, singer, performer
  • Robbie Bronnimann- producer, MD for Howard Jones
  • Matt Hodson - producer, performer, educator


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Freeze Machines from SonicstateHellos and intro to 6:00
6:01 Matt's NAMM impressions
7:40 Robbie's Impressions
9:00 Tori's impressions
12:00 Roland Jupiter X and Zen Core
20:41 - Splice 100 sounds offer https://on.splice.com/2DYa1Iq code: sonicstate100
21:50  Tori highlights
25:00 Matt highlights
29:50 Robbie highlights
33:45 Yamaha YC61
36:00 Win iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced
38:50 Korg Op6 and other stuff (Lumatone, Osmose)
43:40 MIDI 2.0, Sipario Expanded
46:30 Audio interfaces, desks
48:45 Universal Audio Luna
54:45 Hedd headphones and Boss Waza Air
59:00 Any other stuff we didn't talk about yet - Zoia Euro Buro, RMX-16, Krotos Audio Concept, Doefper joystick, modular cases, Keystep Pro, Pro-3, Nektar Aura
01:13:00 Akai Force
01:14:20 wrap and endings

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