WIMSS Releases WoodTroller 2.6

US Plug-in acts as bridge between NI Kontrol-S mk3 keyboards and MIDI v1 and v2      02/02/24

WIMSS Releases WoodTroller 2.6

Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio has released WoodTroller v2.6 on MacOS and iOS. This is what they have to say about it...

The Mac version includes a new VST3 which can be inserted as effect in NI Komplete Kontrol.
The NI keyboard rotaries can control the rotaries and buttons in WoodTroller which can then further control other midi apps/devices.
However the WoodTroller control names, ranges and values are also mapped back to the NI keyboard as NKS2 now allows to updates these dynamically.
This becomes even more useful when using the WoodTroller midi v2 CI property exchange which can retrieve parameter names, CC's, etc from discovered midi v2 apps/devices.

Other new features :

  • Added 16 more rotaries (move keyboard down with arrow button).
  • Added 8 more buttons.
  • Added new scaling mode : making window smaller keeps size of UI elements and allows to pan to area of interest.
  • Added morphing : up to 4 snapshots (values of the 24 rotaries) can be taken. Moving between 2 snapshots make the individual rotaries go from their position in snapshot 1 to the position in snapshot 2.
  • Added new UI morphing panel which allows to drag the morphing position and take the snapshots.
  • Added midi CC inputs (default cc11 and cc1) for the morphing X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) position.
  • Added midi CC inputs for the rotaries and buttons from the NI Kontrol-S keyboards default midi map.
  • Added plugin automation of rotaries and buttons.

Pricing and Availability:
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