4 Classic Guitar Effects In 1 Plug-In

US WoodScaper offers wah-wah, chorus, phaser and tremolo      14/05/20

4 Classic Guitar Effects In 1 Plug-In

Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio has released WoodScaper, which they describe as a plugin which combines into 1 unit the 4 classic guitar effects: wah-wah, chorus, phaser and tremolo. Here's the details in their own words...

Besides the familiar controls each effect has some extra not-so-commonly-found options.

The 4 effects can be routed in series (pedalboard mode), parallel (DAW mode) or some combinations of those modes.

Panning or the Stereo control can create stereo sounds from a mono input source.

-All LFOs can be set to different waveforms: Sine, Square, Saw Up, Saw Down, Triangle.
-All LFO frequencies can be set to a bar fraction (1/4, 1/8, ...) of the BPM or can be set free to a specific rate (independent from the BPM).
-All LFO phases can be reset with a button.
-All effects have an On/Off (parallel routing) or On/Bypass (serial routing) switch like on a pedalboard. The switches can be toggled by MIDI CCs.
-Phaser has settings for number of poles, frequency range and modulation flavour.
-Phaser has second LFO to modulate filter Q.
-Chorus has feedback and highPass, lowPass and saturation.
-Wah-wah control can be LFO, Envelope, Envelope + LFO, side chain Envelope, MIDI note velocity or MIDI CC 1 (mod wheel).
-Wah Envelope has attack, release and threshold or sensitivity controls.
-Wah can go up or down.
-Wah filter type and Q can be set.
-Tremolo has 3 types: Amplitude, Ring or Harmonic.
-Harmonic Tremolo has cross-over frequency control.
-Tremolo has a threshold control to have more tremolo when the signal increases.
-Tremolo has "Biased Tremolo" mode to get more tremolo when the signal decreases.
-Has a global Input and Output Gain control.
-Has 2 extra LFOs to modulate most parameters (rates, depths, ...).
-Modulation LFOs have own slew rate control and a random mode.
-Presets can be stored in iCloud Drive (makes them available on all your devices).
-Presets can be switched with MIDI Program Changes or a MIDI CC (up or down).
-Major controls can be set with MIDI CC messages.

Pricing and Availability:

WoodScaper for iPad :  $11.99
WoodScaper for MacOS :  $35.99

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