WoodSynth Updated On MacOS & iOS

US Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio releases v3.0 with a new sequencer      24/01/23

Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio has released WoodSynth 3.0, which they describe as a significant update of its multi-layer synthesiser with a new sequencer UI and new sequencer functionality. Here's the details in their own words...

New Sequencer functionality :

- Step "On" or "Skip" probability.
- Random note can now be set per step (was previously on/off for all steps).
- Random note probability per step.
- Random note range can be set per step.
- Ratcheting (repetition of same note in the step) per step.
- 9 ratcheting patterns provided (triplet, 4-sixteenths, 2-eights, etc).
- Different duration per step. (regular step time multiplied or divided by 2,3 or 4).
- Ratcheting probability per step.
- 4 sequence Variations (which can have different values for all step params).
- Variations can be selected manually, randomly or from a Playlist.
- Playlist allows to create 64 steps sequence or can be used for verse, chorus, etc.
- Variation glide for note values and volume : gradual transition between 2 Variations.
- Sub semitone allows for "strange" note values in a Variation glide or for random notes.
- Variation glide between notes can be limited to the selected scale.
- Variation glide and Sub Semitone can be set on/off per step.
- Added Envelope ADSR parameters per step.
- Added more scales to the random note Limit Scales. (Ionian, Minor Harmonic, Acoustic, Lydian, Dorian, Phrygian)

New Sequencer UI :

- New large panel with all 16 steps in 1 row.
- Added per step Mute/Skip button.
- New large Volume fader per step.
- Added on/off/skip Led and playing Led for each step.
- Volume curve can be drawn.
- Added "All Steps" button. (modifying a step parameter is set in all steps).

Smaller improvements and fixes :

- Touch bar lowest center note is now C1  (was C2)
- Floating panels (Sequencer, CV, 3D, Advanced) can be moved around
- Midi Out channel for Sequencer and Touch bar are now global and not part of a preset any longer.
- Delay now has its own Mod LFO (freeing up the general LFO's).
- Stereo Out delay now only applied on delay and reverb (to avoid destroying center bass notes).
- Resizing the window does not toggle between the classic-expanded view any longer.
- Smaller iPads can now also toggle to the expanded view (overview ...).
- Fixed a problem in the Copy Factory Presets (was sometimes duplicating presets).
- Fixed delay and reverb in 3D output.

New Presets (all in the new factory subfolder "sequences") :

- Creeping
- Electroad
- Lymbo's Echoes
- Mozartificial
- Mystic Candles
- Ratch 22
- The First Day In The Universe

Pricing and Availability:

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