e-Instruments New Session Keys Electric S - Classic Piano Instrument

GB Probably the most detailed sampled stage piano around - they say      27/07/16

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We've seen what e-Instruments Kontakt Player based instruments can do, their Grand S and Y were very impressive when they came to show us, as was the Electric R. The new Electric S is a 20GB library which has absorbed the very soul of the classic suitcase electric piano (I think we all know they are talking about the Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73 here...). They spent ages getting the original restored back to pristine condition before getting the mics out. As usual e-Instruments have gone for the Studio/Live dual voicings with effects designed to enhance either.

The e-Instruments Electric S is available right now, priced at $79/€79 or existing Electric R owners can upgrade for $49/€49

Here's the skinny:

  • The Animator with 400 ready-to-play professional licks and phrases in different genres and styles. Much more than a phrase player, the Animator follows keys and harmonies while providing complete control over dynamics and complexity using the pitch bend and modulation wheels.

  • The Smart Chord function to create instant piano chords from single keys or pads.

  • The Pentamorph - giving the classic suitcase piano a complex new sound in a matter of seconds. Blend from pure piano to reversed sounds via other complex tones, all with one control.

Session Keys Electric S comes with full NKS (Native Instruments  Komplete Kontrol Keyboard) integration. The light guide gives visual feedback of all controls, keyswitches and even the notes the Animator is playing.




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