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Guitar Instrument For Kontakt
e-instruments releases Desolate Guitars

18-Dec-23    full story...

Brass Ensemble for Kontakt
Valves is a collaboration between e-instruments and Native Instruments

18-Jan-23    full story...

Upright Piano For iOS
e-instruments announce Pure Upright

05-Aug-22    full story...

Solo Cello For Kontakt
e-instruments releases the Stradivari Cello from the Cremona Quartet separately

17-Jan-22    full story...

e-Instruments Pure Piano Sampled Grand For iOS
How did they fit it in there?

19-Apr-21    full story...

e-instruments Announces Cremona Quartet
New Kontakt collection samples revered violins, viola and cello

03-Sep-20    full story...

Four Classic Electric Pianos For HALion
e-instruments introduces Vibrant Electric Piano Suite

10-Jul-19    full story...

  Presentation: e-Instruments Session Keys - Watch And Win
Electric W and S and more

18-Dec-18    full story...

Iconic Wurlitzer Electric Piano Revisited
e-instruments announces Session Keys Electric W for Kontakt

17-Oct-18    full story...

e-instruments Introduce Session Keys Upright
40GB piano for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

07-Dec-17    full story...

Control Session Keys From A Mobile Device
e-instruments introduces iOS and Android wireless control for Session Keys instruments

10-Oct-16    full story...

e-Instruments New Session Keys Electric S - Classic Piano Instrument
Probably the most detailed sampled stage piano around - they say

27-Jul-16    full story...

  Presentation: e-Instruments Session Keys Electric R
Definitive Kontakt Rhodes instrument

20-May-15    full story...

Electric Piano Instrument For Kontakt
e-instruments Session Keys Electric R is based on a 1976 Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano

12-Mar-15    full story...

e-instruments Announce Holiday Sale
Up to 25% off on Session Keys Grand Pianos for Kontakt

05-Dec-14    full story...

  Presentation: E-Instruments Session Keys Grand S and Y
Kontakt based grand pianos have great dynamics and more.

09-Jun-14    full story...

Grand Pianos With Unique Workflow Features
e-instruments unveil advanced Session Keys Grand Piano instruments

04-Apr-14    full story...

Win Session Horns
e-instruments announces a free-to-enter contest to win their virtual horn section

18-Mar-14    full story...

Electric Bass Guitar For Ableton Live 9
e-instruments releases Studio Bass Live Pack

18-Feb-14    full story...

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