Modal Is Back - Restructuring Complete

US Website up - Modal app support back too      01/05/24

Modal Is Back - Restructuring Complete

If you've been wondering about what happened to Modal Electronics since we shot a video on the new Carbon8 instrument at NAMM, well so have we.

We were told at the time -  off the record, that there would be an announcement soon, but as we know these things take a little longer than anticipated.

Today's official announcement outlines   a strategic collaboration between Alltronics Holding Ltd (based in Hong Kong) and the company's leadership team.

This collaboration has resulted in a strong financial foundation and a clear vision for the company's future.
Alltronics Holding Ltd is a manufacturer of premium consumer and music technology products and understood the opportunity to support the brands' goals with their expertise in product development and manufacturing. 

With this new structure, Modal Electronics can focus on creating innovative products that will push the boundaries of music creation and performance. The company has already built a strong reputation with its existing ARGON and COBALT product lines, but with the new investments and resources, it can now realize even more ambitious plans, using the latest technologies and collaborating with industry-leading experts. This will result in products that are not only advanced, but also easy to use and adaptable to the individual needs of musicians and music producers. 

We're told that this mean the Website is back up (albeit a little slow atm) and Modal App server connection which had only recently been unavailable is now back on as of today.

Looks like Modal are back!

About Alltronics Holdings Limited 
Alltronics Holdings Limited is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of a wide range of electronic products with quality and style. The Company is a constituent stock of the Morgan Stanley Capital International ("MSCI") Hong Kong Micro Cap Index. 

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Modal Is Back - Restructuring Complete 

Website up - Modal app support back too