e-Instruments Pure Piano Sampled Grand For iOS

US How did they fit it in there?      19/04/21

e-Instruments have created Pure Piano for iOS and AUV3 that brings you the sound of a professionally multi-sampled Grand Piano (approx 1.1GB), whchi also includes a Morph Pad  for sonic control - similar to the Pentamorph system found on their found on their Session series instruments.

Also on board is the Zynaptiq QREV reverb , three band EQ and a delay for more sound sculpting. Astonishing considering that this will run on iOS devices including your phone, from a variety of connection options - USB and Bluetooth MIDI.

Requires iOS 13.0 and above, plus 1.1GB installation space.

Intro Price - €14,99 (Half Price) until June 1st 2021.
Regular Price - €29.99 from 1st June onwards



  • Interactive Morph Pad
  • Nine core piano timbres
  • Studio Quality Audio at Ultra-low Latency
  • Extensive Connectivity
  • Standalone and AUv3 plug-in compatible
  • Zynaptiq QREV Reverb
  • 3-Band EQ and Delay
  • Save and Load Your Own Presets
  • Flexible Tuning Options
  • Customisable velocity curve

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