Bristronica 2023: Knobula - Pianophonic

US Polyphonic wavetable synth module      02/10/23

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Jason from Knobula  introduced us to the Pianophonic, a polyphonic Eurorack module born from a 1970s Brazilian toy piano. This innovative wavetable module breathes new life into the vintage toy by transforming it into a Eurorack synthesizer with an Arturia keyboard, all housed in a charming wooden enclosure. The Pianophonic features an array of sound manipulation possibilities, from reversing and stretching the original toy piano sound to blending it with wavetable oscillators.

With features like chord memory, pitch control through CV, and eight-voice polyphony, the Pianophonic offers a rich palette of sonic exploration. Additionally, it allows users to upload their custom wavetables, expanding the creative possibilities further. While the built-in reverb effects are a highlight, Jason hinted at a future effects module in the works, providing potential access to those effects separately. 

Pianophonic Available: October 9th 2023. Price £420

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