Sonic LAB: Knobula Pianophonic MATTHS Review

US 8 voice multi-sample wavetable synth      16/10/23

Another polyphonic module from Knobula, who are making a habit of this sort of thing.

Pianophonic is an 8 voice Wavetable multi-sample player with a unique mix of multisample front end (Hammer portion) and a wavetable sustain/release portion (Sides).
These can be blended and controlled and mixed and matched from the 24bit/48kHz samples stored on the front panel mounted microSD card. And yes you can created your own samples using their own Waveslicer utility.

There's also Unison and detune with three oscillators cloned per voice, compress/overdrive and a delightful Reverb.

 @matthsmatthsmatths  gives us his take on the unit.

Pianophonic is a 12HP module

Available now priced at £420/$449

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