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  SUPERBOOTH 2024: Knobula - Echo Cinematic FX Module
Get those almost out of control dub delays and more

17-May-24    full story...

Eurorack Stereo Effects Module
Knobula's Echo Cinematic is inspired by dub culture

16-May-24    full story...

  LNDSXPO 2024: Knobula Upgrade Pianophonic Sounds - Free
Mirrored Kickcain too

17-Mar-24    full story...

Sonic LAB: Knobula Pianophonic MATTHS Review
8 voice multi-sample wavetable synth

16-Oct-23    full story...

Bristronica 2023: Knobula - Pianophonic
Polyphonic wavetable synth module

02-Oct-23    full story...

Superbooth 2023: Knobula - Pianophonic
8 voice wavetable and sample playback module

12-May-23    full story...

Knobula's Chord Pilot Is Now Available
Eurorack-based MIDI Chord Generator ships

09-Feb-23    full story...

Knobula Releases Chord Pilot
Eurorack composition and performance tool

08-Nov-22    full story...

  Synthfest UK 22: Knobula Compact Skiff Riffs
Nice Poly Cinematic and Kickain demo with very little kit

10-Oct-22    full story...

Knobula Releases PolyCinematic [Dark Mode]
A limited-edition dark aesthetic version of the polyphonic Eurorack module

21-Sep-22    full story...

Sonic LAB: Knobula Kickain and Poy Cinematic Modules
With Matt Hodson

11-Jul-22    full story...

Superbooth 22: Knobula - Kickain And Poly Cinematic
New Kick module with built in side chaining

16-May-22    full story...

Superbooth 21: Big Synth Polyphony For Eurorack
Knobula's Poly Cinematic is a 56 oscillator, 8 voice polyphonic module

14-Sep-21    full story...

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Classic 80's digital

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