Softube Releases Bad Speaker Plug-In...

US ...And the Dirty, the Bad, and the Wasted Collection      24/04/24

Softube Releases Bad Speaker Plug-In...

Softube has introduced Bad Speaker and The Dirty, the Bad, and the Wasted Collection. Here's what they have to say...

Perfect for sound design and experimentation, Bad Speaker delivers the genuine grit and dirt of different flavors of speakers replete with distortion and honk. The three speaker options offer users an instant lo-fi vibe, giving tracks distinctive breakup. A unique distortion tool that's easy to tailor and inspires creativity, Bad Speaker delivers gritty lo-fi sound with Softube quality.

Bad Speaker Features:

  • A unique and fun-to-use lo-fi distortion plug-in
  • Featuring 3 unique lo-fi speaker modes with breakup
  • Intuitive drive and equalizer
  • Simple to get the proper width or strong mono-centered image


A sonically adventurous bundle set to save Softube shoppers some coin, The Dirty, the Bad, and the Wasted Collection gives users instant lo-fi options for their mixes in the form of some of Softube's most fun-to-use plug-ins: Dirty Tape, Wasted Space, the brand-new Bad Speaker. With this collection, users get the latest super-fun Softube effect, plus two popular others, while saving a fistful of dollars.

Pricing and Availability:
The Dirty, the Bad, and the Wasted Collection is on sale for $39 (Regular price: $169)
Bad Speaker is available for $19 (Regular price: $59)

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