Softube Releases Tube-Tech Blue Tone

US Authentic Tube-Tech multiband compression and EQ      24/01/24

Softube tells us that their new Tube-Tech Blue Tone plug-in gives users high-quality sound and authentic Tube-Tech multiband compression and equalization with an ultra-fast workflow. Here's more detail in their own words...

Blue Tone packs an incredible amount of processing into a simple interface. Behind a few easy-to-dial-in knobs lies the powerful multiband compression of Tube-Tech SMC 2B and the legendary Pultec-style EQs Tube-Tech PE 1C and ME 1B.

Blue Tone is designed for getting amazing results quickly and easily without needing to start from zero and dial in multiple parameters in multiple plug-ins on each bus or channel.

Eight unique modes let users quickly handle critical mix and bus tasks that range from the low-end EQ trick to classic vocal compression sounds, multiband widening, fattening up of tracks, and more. All that is needed is to select a mode and dial the amount to get the sound the pros use within seconds.

Simple and fast. Authentic and powerful. Get the best of Softube and Tube-Tech distilled into one easy-to-use plug-in. Hit the perfect note with Tube-Tech Blue Tone by Softube.

Pricing and Availability:

On offer at €69 (Regular price: €99)

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