Softube Console 1 MK3 Coming This Autumn

US People are getting excited      29/09/23

Softube's Console 1 hardware is one of those control systems that has changed the way many people work in the box. Essentially a channel strip (minus fader) to control EQ and dynamics across Softube plug-ins and some of the UAD plugs too, it makes hands on control something that many people have missed in the transition from a hardware console to the in the box method. Indeed it seems to incite a certain evangelical enthusiasm in some users.

The announcement that there is a MK3 version coming in the next month means we'll see some new hardware and features. Most specifically  there are now a couple of AMOLED  displays, which appear to show EQ and dynamics or metering. We also see update control knobs which they say have a "world class console feel" and also LED ring indicators for immediate glance values. The video also seems to indicate touch sensitivity with double-tap reset functionality - nice, as well as more generic DAW controls volume, pan,solo, mute and sends.

MK3 comes with the included Core Mixing Suite  - Softube say this is the "perfect channel strip:" with Shape - dynamics and transients, Equalizer- 4 band EQ and Compressor - dynamics and finally Drive  for saturation and character control.

Softube Console 1 will be available "this fall" priced at: $899, €995, 11900 SEK - and yes, there will be an update to Fader 1 coming soon..


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