Chiptune & 16-Bit Video Game Synth For iOS

US Audiokit Pro releases SNESynth      25/08/23

Chiptune & 16-Bit Video Game Synth For iOS

Audiokit Pro has released SNESynth, the Super Ninja Entertainment Synth, which they describe as the Chiptune and 16-Bit video game synth of your dreams. They say that it uses real synthesis and over 2,500+ samples from actual video game console sound chips.

A spokesperson told us, "Come for the fun. Stay for the pro sound. Now, you get the best of both worlds with the ultimate hybrid chip synth!"


  •     Exclusive 2,500+ samples made for this app
  •     Standalone app & iOS AUv3 Plugin
  •     Over 400+ presets to inspire you
  •     Real Synth Engine, including Pulse Width Modulation (PWM is the heart of chiptune sounds)
  •     Use as an AUv3 (AudioUnit Plugin) in iOS DAWs such as Logic, GarageBand, Cubasis, AUM, more
  •     Fun free-running step sequencer
  •     RECORDING – easily record your melodies, and sounds and export. No other apps needed!
  •     16-bit Synth, Drum, and Sound FX sounds included
  •     Over 1 GB of sounds compressed to under 120 mb
  •     Use with MIDI keyboard or iOS MIDI host
  •     Includes full lifetime license for both iPhone & iPad

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $2.99 at the App Store

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