House MARK I Piano iOS Samples Classic Rhodes 88

US AudioKIT Pro open source, with proceeds to charity      30/10/20

Created by not one but two Grammy winners - Henny Tha Business (guest on Sonic TALK 598) and Kennard Garrett who both are involved in the Ray Charles Music Performance Centre where they teach production and surrounding technologies.  

Created with the involvement of the students there, the House Mark 1 samples a Fender Rhodes 88 with plenty of details for velocity layers plus key and pedal noise, but to work inside an iOS AUV3 plugin format.

AudioKit Pro has released House: Mark I, a new App for iOS created by Grammy-winners Henny Tha Bizness (Jay-Z, Drake) and Kennard Garrett (Sting, Shaggy).

A famous vintage electric piano at the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center was recorded and lovingly hand edited - including key noise, air, and pedal sounds.

* Easy-to-use controls.
* 4 Velocity Layers.
Meticulously hand edited and under 150MB.
* Feels "Real" with carefully sampled key noise and air.
* Use a MIDI keyboard & pedal to play.
* Standalone app, plus iOS AUv3 Plug-in.
* Universal: One price you get both the iPhone & iPad versions.

Available now at the introductory price of $3.99

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