PULSAR-23 Andrew Huang Edition

US Exclusive edition is an experimental drum machine wrapped in a loud yellow exterior      28/03/23

Perfect Circuit has announced an exclusive release -- the SOMA Laboratory PULSAR-23 Andrew Huang Edition. They say that, created in collaboration with musician/video producer Andrew Huang and the wild minds at SOMA Laboratory, this exclusive edition PULSAR-23 is an experimental drum machine wrapped in a loud yellow exterior with custom knobs and accompanied by an exclusive alligator clip-emblazoned hat. Here's the full details that they have supplied...

SOMA's PULSAR-23 has become a cult classic instrument, using a fresh approach to sound design to subvert expectations of what a drum machine can or should do. And of course, Andrew Huang's penchant for unique workflows is well-known from his YouTube videos--making him an ideal explorer for this peculiar instrument.

About the Gear:
Pulsar-23 is a semi-modular drum machine with an open-ended approach that sidesteps and outright rejects classic drum machine tropes. Described by its creator Vlad Kreimer as "organismic," PULSAR-23 is all about building living, breathing, evolving rhythmic structures using alligator clip patch points and physical interaction. Like other SOMA devices, Pulsar-23 creates a seemingly organic connection between the musician and instrument, tapping into the deepest parts of your subconscious to rely on instinct and reaction rather than conscious decision-making.

PULSAR-23's four voices are tailored to produce kick, bass, snare, and hat sounds, respectively, all of which can be controlled using the built-in recorder/sequencer or external MIDI or control voltages. But by patching together its many control voltage utilities and effects, it reveals a unique life of its own.

Andrew Huang, famous for his embrace of peculiar workflows, experimental sounds, and otherwise Weird Gear, brings the PULSAR-23 to life: turning its quirky, out-there approach into something simultaneously edgy, inspiring, and fun. This Perfect Circuit exclusive PULSAR-23 includes a custom colorway, knobs, and hat -- all developed in collaboration with Andrew Huang to complement his unique take on this experimental drum machine.

Features and Specs:

  • Custom Andrew Huang artist edition experimental drum machine
  • Perfect Circuit-exclusive release
  • Custom neon yellow colorway with custom knobs + alligator clip hat
  • Four-voice analog sound generation with digital effects
  • Alligator clip interface for experimental + intuitive patching experience
  • Control via built-in sequencer, MIDI, or control voltages from modular synthesizers

Pricing and Availability:

More information:


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