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  SUPERBOOTH 2024: Soma - Flux - Your Questions Answered
Vlad clears up your queries about Flux

19-May-24    full story...

  BAF 2024: Soma - Enner
Touchplate synth for some way out noise tones

30-Jan-24    full story...

SOMA Lab FLUX Prototype In Action
Video demo shows synth with a unique theremin-like continual touchless keyboard

12-Sep-23    full story...

NAMM 2023: SOMA Laboratory - Terra
Expressive instrument that aims to connect nature and technology

15-Apr-23    full story...

PULSAR-23 Andrew Huang Edition
Exclusive edition is an experimental drum machine wrapped in a loud yellow exterior

28-Mar-23    full story...

Superbooth 22: Soma - Terra
Soma reveal their ultra-expressive new instrument

13-May-22    full story...

SOMA Lab ENNER - A Body-Patching Synth
Analog synthesizer that's responsive to the touch of your skin

19-Aug-21    full story...

SOMA COSMOS - A Drifting Memory Station
Designed to spontaneously generate an ever-changing soundscape

29-Mar-21    full story...

A Synth That Transmits Emotional Energy
SOMA lab's ENNER uses the artist's body for the main sound processing

05-Jun-19    full story...

First Look At SOMA's New Drum Machine
Watch the prototype of the final PULSAR-23 design in action

03-May-19    full story...

Would You Be Interested In This Instrument?
SOMA Laboratory needs your verdict on its DVINA electro-acoustic experiment

29-Jan-19    full story...

SOMA LYRA-8 FX In A Eurorack Module
The FX section from the Russian drone synth is expanded with CV controls

22-Mar-18    full story...

PIPE Turns Your Voice Into A Synth
SOMA announces voice / breath / mouth-controlled dynamic FX processor and synthesizer

16-Jan-18    full story...

Mad Russian Drone Synth In Production LYRA-8
People have been going crazy for this

31-Aug-16    full story...

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Superbooth 2024: Dreadbox Murmux Adept 8 voice Poly 

Limited Run- the final in the Murmux Trilogy

New edition - adds the EX software for you

Aodyo Loom

MPC meets Linn, Ticketmaster monopoly

SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Awards 

And the award goes to...

5 Minutes With: The Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer 

Classic Waldorf Wavetable sounds and some

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5 Minutes With: Yamaha RX-11 Drummachine 

Classic 80's digital

New edition - adds the EX software for you

And a bit more Superbooth

Sampler Composer

Aodyo Loom

And tattoos