SOMA Lab ENNER - A Body-Patching Synth

US Analog synthesizer that's responsive to the touch of your skin      19/08/21

SOMA Lab ENNER - A Body-Patching Synth

SOMA Laboratory has announced the release of ENNER, a new synthesizer designed by the founder of SOMA, Vlad Kreimer, who previously created the LYRA-8 synthesizer and PULSAR-23 drum machine. They describe ENNER (A combination of the words Inner + Energy.) as a body-patching synth and say that it combines simplicity and versatility providing a new level of self-expression. Here's the story direct from SOMA Laboratory...

ENNER is a very expressive sound tool that generates bits, pads, FX, noises, clicks, glitches, and it even functions as a unique vocal mic with built-in analog FX and much more. It's such a versatile instrument you can do a full live performance using nothing but ENNER!

The main concept was to create an instrument that's closely connected to the performer's emotional state, our inner energy. This idea belongs to the founder of SOMA Vlad Kreimer and Dalin Waldo, the designer of the instrument.

ENNER is a unique electronic instrument that offers pronounced possibilities for sound extraction. ENNER reacts to the nature of touch, creating many subtle nuances of sound. For example, two taps on the same pad, but with different pressure, speed, or angle, will produce different sounds.

ENNER is a very intuitive instrument, sensitive to the inner state of the musician. It lets you express yourself in the most direct way possible, without getting distracted by lots of knobs, menus, etc. This makes the instrument feel alive and still offers the flexibility of an electronic instrument.

As an instrument, ENNER is a unique analog synthesizer with the key principle being that all signals that make sound pass through and are managed by your body. Your hands become the central part of the circuitry. Touching different contact pads with different parts of your fingers and palms with different amounts of pressure, letting signals pass through your body, defines the mixing, volume, timbre, feedback and other parameters of synthesis. Human skin has much more complex electric properties than we think.

Our skin provides not just resistance but also some capacitive properties and even nonlinear dependence of conductivity from current, its direction and time during which the current was applied. All of this affects the sound, making you the key part of the synthesis process2.

For whom?
ENNER is for any musician looking for new and exciting ways to express themselves. This instrument offers a very broad sound palette and will add unique flavors to your performance and compositions, regardless of musical genre. It is much more than an experimental noise synth – ENNER can make any composition extraordinary.

A synthesizer as the continuation and expansion of the emotional world of a musician. A unique instrument that supports that part of us that we tend to call "alive".

Technical features.
All pots of ENNER are metallic and also function as inputs or outputs. Touching a pot can change not only the parameters but also patch the audio signals.

ENNER has a beautiful wooden custom-made housing made from ash-tree. It's not only a great look but also provides the necessary acoustic properties for the electro-acoustic part of ENNER. For the top panel, we use a high-quality PCB with golden metalization of conductive pads. The instrument is available in black and red.

Pricing and Availability:
ENNER is produced exclusively by the Russian division of SOMA. The price is 440 euros (excluding VAT, shipping, etc.).

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