BAF 2024: Soma - Enner

US Touchplate synth for some way out noise tones      30/01/24

At Buchla And Friends 2024, Sonic State caught up with Kevin at the Soma booth to find out more about the Enner synthesizer, which, due to increasing popularity, Soma have been ramping up production. The synth boasts a psychedelic aesthetic and excels at generating noisescapes while also offering the flexibility for melodic performances via its (we think copper) touch pads.

Enna is slightly reminiscent of the Lyra synthesizer, but with a pulse output section and a built-in piezo microphone, activated by a large pad. The Enner has a delay line with feedback and time controls for the left and right lines, and Kevin demonstrated the Bizarre Control which adds pseudo random modulation to the delay line leading to some screamy noise textures. The touchplates respond to touch, and Kevin even demonstrated the use of a metal scouring pad to create some crunchy tones. Enner can also be used as an external effects processor, to add some strange to your incoming signal.

Enner Price: 799 USD

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