PreSonus Expands Eris Monitor Range

US Eris E5 BT Active Media Reference Monitors announced      20/04/22

PreSonus has announced the launch of the new Eris E5 BT Active Media Reference Monitors with Bluetooth. They say that, equipped with 50 watts of Class D power for each speaker, Eris E5 BTs are the finest and most powerful media reference monitors that persons offers.

A spokesperson told us, "With flexible analog and aptX Bluetooth wireless inputs, accurate frequency response, and a rich, full bass response, Eris E5 BT monitors are ideal for beatmakers, home studio producers, and anyone who wants the best listening experience for their home audio setup. Our Eris E3.5 and E4.5 Bluetooth studio monitors have seen tremendous global success, and we continue to focus on pushing the boundaries of innovation. After immense customer demand for a 5.25-inch version, we've created the Eris E5 BT, which offers a truly premium experience and deeper low frequency response while still retaining the compact footprint today's content creators need."

Here's more details direct from the company...

Featuring a 5.25-inch woven-glass composite woofer that delivers rich, tight low end and a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter for transparent high frequencies, Eris E5 BTs delivers the same sound quality as the award-winning PreSonus Eris studio monitors used by professional, hit-making audio engineers the world over. Known for their accurate, crystal-clear sound and even response throughout the frequency range, Eris studio and media reference monitors allow music to be heard exactly as artists and engineers intended. In addition, High and Low Acoustic Tuning controls enable adjusting the E5 BTs precisely to the listening environment, further ensuring accurate sound.

Eris E5 BT media reference monitors' combination of quarter-inch TRS balanced inputs, unbalanced RCA inputs and stereo aptX Bluetooth input makes it easy to connect to an audio interface, gaming system, computer, or Bluetooth-compatible media player. A front-mounted headphone jack enables private listening, and an eighth -inch stereo Aux In accepts signals from non-Bluetooth audio devices. The Eris E5 BT is also the first in the Eris family to offer a quarter-inch TRS Sub Out for adding a subwoofer, such as the PreSonus Eris Sub8. In addition to outstanding sound quality, versatile connectivity, and excellent construction quality, the Eris E5 BTs' stylish design makes them a welcome addition to small studios, living rooms, compact home theater setups, and gaming rigs.

Pricing and Availability:
PreSonus Eris E5 BT Active Media Reference Monitors are available immediately (MSRP $249/pair USA, €249.00 EUR, £209.000 GBP, $399.00 AUD, ¥35,200 JPY).

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