Presonus Studio One 6 Gets Major Update Today

US Video track, lyrics, smart templates, vocoder and more      29/09/22

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Presonus Studio One 6 is released today and adds a slew of new features as well as lots of improvements.

The DAW which has gained a lot of users since it was introduced continues to offer features for composition, mixing and live shows for the end to end process for music production.

The new, new stuff is:
Smart Templates - setup the session to suit the task in hand, basic recording, mixing stems, mastering, setting up for a live show etc.

Lyrics integration (pro edition) - add lyrics to songs, scores and live performances with a global lyrics track. Can be transferred to the show page for rehearsals or for an aide during performances.

Global Video Track  (pro edition)  - for composing to picture and sound design, drag and drop to add multiple clips to the timeline, also includes basic editing features

Customizable UI -  Customization Editor allows for toolsets and functions to be hidden/shown, changes are instant.

Track Presets (pro edition)  - store every aspect of a given track for instant recall, works on muliple selections.

Vocoder - new creative plug-in for combining two input signals into an array of bandpass filters

De-Esser  - new processor to tame the sibilance.

Virtual Instrument Sidechain Support - VST2, VST3 and AU now have access to any audio source with in the mixer

Fader Flip Mode in Mixer - a feature seen in may digital desks, now you can do the same - flip the fader  to show sends, sidechain level and Cue sends

Mixer Channel Overview - a single consolidated view of all channel parameters- available as a new tab

These are some of the highlights, for a full run down - check out

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