PreSonus Announces Studio One 6.6

US Update adds TuneCore Integration, new Lead Architect synth and more      03/04/24

PreSonus has announced Studio One 6.6, an update to their digital workstation that they say will take audio creation to new heights. They tell us that, among the many new and exciting features are a direct upload to TuneCore, Apple Spatial Audio binaural monitoring and streamlined workflow enhancements.

A spokesperson told us, "Thanks to this powerful and revolutionary new set of updates, Studio One 6.6 takes everything a creator could possibly need while working on their project – whether it be a song, podcast, audiobook, or anything in between--and puts it all in one user-friendly interface. In addition, there will be a new Hybrid subscription plan that will grant users a perpetual license to Studio One Professional Edition at the end of each 12-month subscription period."

Here's more, direct from Presonus...

Now more than ever, the new generation of musicians, recordists, and other artists working in the audio field are opting to distribute to streamers independently. With that in mind, PreSonus has elected to join forces with TuneCore--the leading independent development and distribution platform for self-releasing artists--and have integrated access to their services directly into the Studio One interface, giving users the option to upload their masters directly to TuneCore without leaving their DAW. This allows users to treat distribution as a final step in the creative process. As a promotional offering supporting the new partnership, Studio One+ subscribers joining TuneCore will receive an exclusive code for 50% off of Rising, Breakout, and Professional plans for their first year after signup.

"We're delighted to partner with TuneCore on adding digital distribution to the Studio One production and mastering workflow. Working closely with the fantastic team at TuneCore, we were able to drastically enhance the user experience by simplifying the distribution process for self-releasing artists, songwriters, producers, and small labels who want to stay independent. By combining distribution via TuneCore with the integrated mastering tools in Studio One, we are empowering our users to focus on what truly matters most: creating music," said Arnd Kaiser, General Manager, PreSonus Software.

"As part of our ongoing mission to make artists' lives easier, we are excited to partner with PreSonus to streamline the distribution process for Studio One users, allowing them to send their music to stores and streaming platforms as soon as they finish recording in their DAW. By eliminating artists' need to reupload their music on a different platform from where it was created, we are enabling them to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time making music," said Andreea Gleeson, Chief Executive Officer, TuneCore.

In addition, Studio One 6.6 continues to expand its unique immersive recording and mixing capabilities by introducing Apple Spatial Audio monitoring within the native Dolby Atmos® renderer. Available exclusively for Mac® users, these new monitoring capabilities will allow users to accurately reference mixes, providing a better representation of how their music will translate to Apple Music® and Apple headphones. This feature includes head tracking and personalized profiles when used with compatible Apple headphones, making Studio One 6.6 the most complete all-in-one solution for immersive audio mixing.

Other improvements include expanding the standard 5.1 and 7.1 formats with up to 6 additional top surround channels. All bed and object channels now provide dedicated mute and solo buttons inside the Dolby Atmos Renderer window.

Studio One will also be expanding their catalog of virtual instruments with the introduction of the powerful Lead Architect--a new synthesizer designed for lead sounds that combines elements from modular analog and digital synths with field recordings. This powerful hybrid instrument gives users the ability to blend three layers which can be finely tuned and combined with integrated audio and note effects. Lead Architect's sound library has been sampled from rare hardware instruments and then post-processed using hardware effects processors and stompboxes to give them a unique edge – resulting in a library of nuanced lead sounds that possess a uniquely organic touch.

Studio One+ Annual is now Studio One+ Hybrid, a game changing option that rewards annual subscribers with a perpetual Studio One Pro license at the end of their subscription year. Access Studio One Pro's core library of content – like Ampire, samples, loops, and effects – along with your current version of Studio One Professional, forever.

Pricing and Availability:

  • Studio One+ Hybrid: $179.99 (USD)
  • Studio One+ Monthly: $19.99 (USD)
  • Studio One Pro Perpetual: $399.99 (USD)


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