Walrus Audio Launches Modulation Stompbox

US Mako Series M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine features six mod types      21/01/22

Walrus Audio Launches Modulation Stompbox

Walrus Audio has expanded its Mako Series with the M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine. They say that this premium sonic texturing device comes stacked with six customized, studio-quality programs:

  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • Tremolo
  • Vibrato
  • Rotary
  • Filter


Here's more details direct from Walrus Audio...

Each program has a torrent of options to tune, tweak, customize, and save to one of nine onboard presets (128 presets available via MIDI). Underneath the lush, pristine, and high-fidelity sounds, The M1 contains a huge array of options to degrade, warp and space out your modulation with the Lo-Fi knob. Add subtle movement and texture to float under your playing or make a massive statement with a thick swirling chorus and choppy panning tremolo.

Inspired by the analog modulation circuits of old, the M1's digital deluge of sound invites you to enter the Mako-Verse to craft moving, melodic sagas. A sound explorers delight, the M1 offers a palette of infinite aural possibilities.

The M1 is packaged in a custom powder-coated arcade blue aluminum enclosure. The enclosure's exact size is 4.9" x 2.52" x 2.64". Power requirements are 9VDC (300mA minimum).

Pricing and Availability:
Available at dealers: circa mid-end of February.
SSP:  369 EUR / 319 GBP

More information:



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